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Poland Weather In October

Expected Poland weather in October with links to current weather forecasts.

weather in Poland
October Weather

In Poland, October is the month when the chestnuts are finishing their fall from the trees. The trees are turning color as the days get shorter.

Sunrise occurs about 7 AM and Sunset about 5:30 PM.

The skies start to cloud up more and more and the Country becomes a dull gray.

Temperatures start to go below freezing toward the end of the month. But for the most part, they will range between the mid 30 degrees Fahrenheit to the low 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

And there is rain, showers and drizzle. The weather is probably best described as cool and damp.

In the Southern Part of Poland it is colder and snow starts to appear in the mountains. It is not unheard of to have enough snow to cause major traffic problems.

The weather pattern in Poland is really dictated by what is happening over England. At this time of the year, weather systems travel from West to East and Polish people can closely predict what they will see by looking at the weather to the West.



If you are traveling to Poland, be sure to bring a winter coat, gloves and an umbrella.

Here is a video that gives you some views of the weather in Poland in October.


If you would like to watch this directly on YouTube, use this link called Poland Weather in October .


And here is a link to the Polish National Weather service for the daily forecast. IMGW