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Below is information in text and video related to Poland Weather in each of the months of the year.

cloudy Polish weather
Polish Weather

In brief, the weather in Poland if generally balmy. In the summer there may be occasional periods of temperatures reaching the low 30 degrees Centigrade. In the winter, one can expect lows in the minus teens.

For vacationers to the baltic, the summer temperatures will be in the low to mid 20 degrees Centigrade.

Snow accumulation can be high in the South.

And on the Baltic, the incessant winds from the Arctic can make life very unpleasant.

Here is a video that shows the Poland Weather In October.


Or you can watch this video directly on YouTube at Weather In Poland In October.

The Poland Winter weather videos are being re shot to take into account the harsh winters that Poland has been experiencing. They are expected to be online in a few days.

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