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Polish Business Culture - Pricing

Polish manufacturers generally price their products with relatively low markups.

They pride themselves on selling quality products. But they also know that they are under price pressure from many low quality producers from areas such as, but not limited to, the Far East. So they keep their pricing as low as possible to both stay in business and to keep the customer.

Many companies do not include any marketing costs in their prices. So the price given to a direct wholesale buyer will often be the same as the price given to a jobber.

In other words, they do not mark up their prices in anticipation of negotiating the price down. When they give a price, that is generally the final price.

You may expect some discounts IF you order large quantities of product and such order enables the manufacturer to reduce his costs due to certain efficiencies gained because of the large order.

It is unseemly to ask for the "best price." In this culture, it makes you seem inexperienced and arrogant.

Likewise opening a relationship with an attitude that you will negotiate the price will often get you nothing but ignored.

If you have a target price, it is best to submit that up front. If the manufacturer can meet it, he will tell you. Do not submit low as a way to start negotiations. If you get a response, expect that that is the price you are offered. It is not a step in negotiations.

When you submit your Request For Quotation you can expect a best price. That is the culture.

In short, Polish companies generally provide quality product and they work on close margins to be competitive with low quality foreign producers.