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Polish Candles By RAK

In the video below you see a presentation of candles made in Poland. It contains a series of various candle collections.

The collections represent a style. You may order specific candles from each of the collections and be sure that you can reorder from the same collection.

Because candles are heavy, it does not make economic sense to order them by the case. See information about shipping small orders.

The video and this page show but one company. There are many small and large companies that make specialty candles as well as the standard tapers. For information about those companies, use the links below the video.




candle collection

The picture to the left is a typical collection. You may have them make custom candles for you.

To watch the video presentation of the company's candle offer, click on the arrow in the screen below.





If you are trying to buy candles the first time from Polish manufacturers, we recommend strongly that you use a procurement service. Information about them can be found at Procurement Services.

For more information about other candle manufacturers or to contact the factory making the candles in the video directly, go to Polish Product Information Center.