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Distribute Polish Christmas Ornaments

A way to make money is to supply a product that is difficult to get. You can do that by distributing Polish Christmas ornaments.

christmas ornament collection

The Problems

Most small shops wait until the last minute - after September of each year - or enquire about Christmas ornaments. They are generally disappointed because at that time the factories are generally no longer accepting new orders for production but rather completing last minute shipping and production for large customers.

They have some inventory on hand that is little more than the overruns from large orders. With production lead times of 90 days, more or less, they sell only from inventory.

By November they are preparing their new catalogs for the next year and preparing for the major Christmas ornament fairs that start in February.

There is a second aspect to consider.

It does not make economic sense to ship less than a pallet load of ornaments at a time. A pallet can contain anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 ornaments. See Shipping Small Orders From Poland.



A Solution

Order sufficinet Christmas ornaments that you can use for your own inventory to sell all year round while at the same time making them available wholesale to the many small shops who are not in position to order a pallet load at a time.

Take the time to break from this page and look at the video small business distribution

Your business model can follow the model used by the factories in Poland. They set up simple showrooms and hang ornaments everywhere. Then they have racks of indivdiually boxed ornaments.

Here is a video showing a Christmas ornment showroom. Christmas Ornament Catalog Showroom.

Retailers come and buy by the shopping cart and cardboard box full. Orders less than $50 are charged retail.

There is more useful information at Selling Christmas Ornaments.