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Handmade Polish Christmas Ornaments

This page reviews handmade Polish Christmas ornaments made by a small factory in Poland's Ornament manufacturing region of Czestochowa. There are several small and medium sized factories making ornaments in that region. This factory is but one.

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From a family owned Polish company comes this fine line of handmade Christmas ornaments. You can choose from a wide selection of forms and balls as well have your own custom designs made.

All are handmade, hand painted and hand packed.

Being a small family owned company, you get the benefit of personal service as well has the high quality that is often natural to a small company that must compete with the giants of the Far East. Each ornament is made with the care given by a company that is based on quality and family pride.

The company is located in Czestochowa, Poland, the center of Polish Christmas ornament manufacturing and the home of some of the the worlds finest Christmas ornament artists.

bear Christmas ornamentThis line of ornaments is ideal for small shops because the very high quality, unique designs and the low factory minimums. Additionally, because the art studios are small, you will be pressed to find these ornaments in the large mall discount shops.

Each ornament is hand formed and hand painted. They are individually boxed with clear panes in the top lid so that the ornament can be seen and easily displayed without fear of breakage.

Custom packaging is available on special order.

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Distributorships are available. See the general distributor information at Distributing Christmas Ornaments.

For prices and catalog information, go to Polish Product Information Center

And finally, we recommend strongly that if this is your first order, you use a Christmas Ornament Procurement Service.