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You Get More Visitors and Make More Sales With A Gateway

If you are selling internationally you must remember what former German Chancellor Willie Brandt said. "When I am selling to you, I must speak English. But when you are selling to me, dann mussen Sie sprechen Deutsch." (then you must speak German.)


If You Want To Sell In Poland, Your Website Must Have A Polish Offer.

 The numbers show that 93 percent of searches done in Poland are done using the Polish search engines. And they search in Polish.

If you do not have a page in Polish, in the Polish search engines, well ......... !

Rather than making a complete website, make a simple gateway website.

It can be put into the Polish search engines and you can use it when mailing Polish companies.

To help you enter these markets, this Chamber will make a gateway page for you that has:


checkFour thumbnail pictures of your company, staff or products.

checkA standard A-4 layout with tested navigation that encourages customers to contact you.

checkOne half of an A-4 page of your sales material professionally translated into Polish and strategically placed among your pictures.

checkA highlighted link back to your main web site.

checkContact information so that people can find you efficiently and quickly.


How effective are they?

Gateways make sales that you are losing now.

Gateways make you more money.

Here is what one of our customers had to say:


Dear Mr. Gary Granai

I visited Poland last month and I traveled with Mr. Jerzy S. I see some excellent business possibilities in the future and we did get some very good orders in the first visit. We have made some shipments to Poland and are waiting for payment.

All these things would not have been possible without the excellent services of you and your office. Your site is a very, very, great idea. Once again my profound thanks to you. I never thought when I put up my Polish Gateway Page that the Poland business would shape up so well.

Warmest regards


S.S. Granites


For a Polish gateway you invest only 69 Euro plus VAT to get ahead of your competition and reach that 93% of the people that you are not reaching now.

To get more information about your own gateway page, Contact The Poland Chamber Here