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Polish Highways And Byways

A review of the book Polish Highways And Byways - a very helpful travel aid.

polish road atlas
Polish Road Atlas

There is a lot to see and do in Poland and unfortunately people who even spend a lot of time here miss so much because they zip from place to place without stopping to see what is available or even getting the right books to read about what they can see.

The bokk Polish highways and byways, which is really a road atlas, is an excellent tool for finding things to do in Poland are also to supplement your GPS map.

When we travel in Poland, we use the GPS but we have a copy of the highways and byways available and we track our progress in the book.

The Polish roads are changing constantly and even though we upgrade our GPS system routinely, all to often we get into situations where the GPS is telling us one thing that is totally illogical when we look at either a local map or this book.



Below you will find a video that reviews the book that we're talking about here.

There is one point that I really haven't made so far in talking about this book. Every page in the book that shows a map has a supplemental page that discusses what the unusual and interesting things are in the region.

And some of those things can be fun to visit just by making a short side trip from the main road.

For example, on one of our trips to Kutn, Poland, we happened to notice that the geographic center of Poland was only a few kilometers off our line of travel. So we took some time and made a short diversion and saw something that we would never have seen had we not had this book.

And even though most times we do not make such divesions, the information on the pages gives them some interesting overview of some of the more unique parts of Polish history.

You are invited to review the video about this book.

This book can bebought at most of the large bookstores in Poland and if you wish, you can purchase a copy through us and will mail to you prior to your trip.