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Polish Pottery Clay

About the unique clay that is used to make Polish pottery from Boleslawiec Poland.

polish pottery clay

The patterns that one finds on Boleslawiec Polish pottery are generally thought to be the distinguishing thing about Polish pottery.

In fact, it is the clay that is used that is what makes it unique. One can duplicate the patterns. But one can only get that clay in the Boleslawiec regions itself.

The clay is used for much more than the decorated pottery. It is used for pipes, chimneys, grills and more. The video below gives you some ideas of what these other products are and what they look like.

It also shows you how the clay is used in the factories that make pottery.

It is important to note that this clay is used for much more than just pottery. It is responsible for a complete Polish ceramics industry and thousands of jobe in Poland.


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This video is but one of a series that describe Polish pottery, how it is made and how you can make money selling Polish pottery.

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The main characteristic of the clay is that it creates stable and strong ceramics that can withstand multiple temperature changes without derogation of quality.

Each factory uses the same basic product but processes it with proprietary additives to give it the final characteristics that the factory desires in the particular end product for which that clay will be used.

There are companies that process the clay on contract for the various manufacturers.

Such manufacturing is particularly attractive to smaller companies as well as those outside the Boleslawiec region that need its quality.