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Polish Pottery Factory List

A list with contact information to Polish pottery companies.

We have compiled a list of companies in Poland that manufacture stoneware from the unique clay found in Boleslawiec, Poland.

This list of Polish pottery factories contains complete contact informtion including company name, street address, telephone number, fax number if one exists, and web site address if one exists.

There are a total of 22 companies in the list.

We provide such compiled lists at a small fee in order to fund the maintenance and delivery of such information.

We ask a small fee of $6.95 to be paid either by paypal or credit card.

The list may be purchase through the online store at Catalogs.



A couple tips when contacting factories.

For the most part, they are very business and get many requests. Sometimes they are back ordered a couple months.

When you contact them, you are often competing for attention. So you must be prepared.

The factories do not consider their price lists public information so do not expect them just to send you a price list. Tell them what you want first.  

It is best to make up a proposed order before you contact them and ask for that order to be priced out. Do that even though you do not have the wholesale prices.

Use the companies' online catalogs to make your choice or get a copy of the catalogs along with this company contact list that you can also find at Catalogs.