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Polish Pottery Factories

Links to the main Polish pottery factories and products made by those factories.

polish pottery cup

Please note that product lines constantly change so there may be more offered by each company than is shown here. But this is a good starting point.

Please also note that factories have minimum order requirements. If you are a small Polish pottery retailer, or if you want to buy retail for your own personal use, you can find wholesale suppliers in our page Polish Product Distributors.

If you wish to contact a factory directly, please complete information in this page Poland Chamber Help And Free Information Service

There are over 40 factories that that use the special clay from Boleslawiec Poland to manufacture Polish pottery. This page lists just a share of them. With time it will contain links to all.

If you know of one that shoud be here, please do contact us so we can get information to put here.


for your convenience we have listed links to various factories and other more convenient and popular factories in Poland.

As you click on each of the links a new browser window will open on your computer so that you do not miss this main page.

Polish pottery lends itself to wholesale drop shipping. If you do not understand the concept of wholesale drop shipping, we have a special link in a special page that you can read here. Wholesale drop shipping







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Polish Pottery Glasses



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