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Polish Pottery Wiza

About manufacturing at the Polish pottery factory Wiza.

wiza pattern

The Wiza line is manufactured from that special clay that comes from the Boleslawiec region of Poland.

It is made in the old-fashioned way. It is hand formed and then fired and hand painted.

In the pictures below you can see some of the process that the pottery goes through.

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The clay used in this pottery is a special clay that is found only in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. It is famous for its quality. In fact, there are many other ceramic companies in Poland that buy clay from the region and have it shipped to their factories in other areas of Poland.

There are more pages on this website that show you the patterns and give you more information about this Wiza pottery. But the best thing that you can do, actually, is to get the catalogs by clicking on the image to the right.



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wiza pottery 1
Special Boleslawiec region clay is first shaped.
wiza pottery 3
Then it air dries.
wiza pottery 2
It then spends about 8 hours on a conveyer belt slowly moving through the oven. In the last picture of this sequence you can see the conveyer belt and flame in the throat of the oven.
wiza pottery 4
Kasia inspects pottery after the first firing.
wiza pottery 5
After the first firing each piece is hand painted.
wiza pottery
It is fired a second time. It is slowly heated, passes through an area at about 1200C and then slowly cooled. Here is cooled, but still very hot, pottery coming out of the oven.