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Polish Pottery Painting

How Polish Pottery is painted in video and with text commentary.

painting polish pottery

There is a video that shows the painting of Polish pottery, as done in Boleslawiec, Poland, in the lower part of this page.

When applying paints to Polish pottery, in many cases, it is more a matter of decoration than painting. That is because much of the work is done using sponge and rubber stamps.

In the video there is a picture showing an artists desk on which all the tools that she uses are shown.

Whether stamped or painted, it is always hand done. And it is freehand.

The artists avoid touching the pieces so that they do not transfer grease from their hands to the form.

Because each piece is hand done, no two designs are ever the same. It is just not possible for an artist, regardless of how experienced she is to reproduce a pattern exactly.

And as for patterns, the video also shows how they are now stored on computers and how the artists use the computers to study a pattern before they take on a new job.

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Painting Polish Pottery

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Note when people talk about Unikat, which means unique in Polish, every piece is unikat - unique.

Unikat as sold, is actually a more expensive pattern.

I do hope you enjoy the video on painting polish pottery.

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