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Polish Salt Lamps Art

This page gives you information about Polish salt lamps and the artwork that you find only in Polish salt lamps. The salt lamp originated in the salt mines of Poland where it actually started as a piece of art and where you can see some of the most beautiful artwork in the world.



Polish Salt Crystal Lamps Are The Highest Quality And Most Creatively Crafted In The World.


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Here is a picture of how we use salt lamps to attract customers into our gift shop. Click on the picture and note the glow in the office. Also note how we spread the salt lamps all over the shelves and the floor. Note where we have the seal. That old boy is a great advertiser. People stop, walk in, look at him and look around. They end up buying gifts. Use salt lamps to sell salt lamps, but also use them to sell crystal, glass, and other gifts.


salt lamps shown in our shop


Our Favorites
Click on pictures to see larger views.


salt lamp 7 salt lamp 8 salt lamp 5

These pictures show the details of the lamps and not their absolute beauty in a dim or dark surrounding. Click on the Rose in the center to see what it looks like without the extra lighting that we had to use to take these pictures. And be sure to note how the artist placed the lights to bring out the colors in the crystal.

The angel is not a little angel. It is big. And you can get angels up to 100 kilo. They are beautiful. With several lights placed to show the salt crystal best, they are a wonder to look at. If you need a gift for your church, or just want your own angel to look over you or your children at night, this is a fine choice.


salt lamp 3 salt lamp 4


These lamps are some of our favorites. They are made up of many chunks of salt that, when lighted, look like hot coal in a fire. And we use them in a place that fits their look - a fireplace! The basket made of wood on the left comes in three sizes. 9x9 inches, 9x18 inches and 9x27 inches. Just put one in your hearth, turn on the lights in the coals and you have the nicest glowing "embers" that you ever did see.

The iron baskets also fit in a similar setting. Use them other ways also. We use them in the corners of our shops to get attention and give a little glow in otherwise drab locations.

Another thing to consider is that the surface area of the coals is very large as compared to a regular lamp. So you get high inonization.


salt lamp 1 salt lamp


Here are two more pieces made with salt chunks. The lamp on the left has rather small chunks that just sparkle.

On the right is a glass plate set on an iron stand. The plate is filled with salt chunks. Note how we use it in one of our shops. It draws people to the shelves and they buy the glass and candles around it. It also goes well in a centerpiece setting.


salt lamp 2 salt lamp 10


These two pictures show what salt lamps do to give a special glow and sparkle to glass. We place salt lamps all over our shop and make our glass sparkle. The effect on cut crystal is just amazing.

If you have a cabinet at home with cut crystal, put a small lamp or plate with salt chunks in the cabinet with the crystal. Not only the crystal will look good, but so will your china cabinet. You will change it from a storage cabinet to a center piece of attention.


salt lamp 6 salt lamp 9


The importance of light cannot be overemphasized. And the lights have to be the proper wattage and placed for the best effect.

Polish salt crystal artists take what looks to be plain old dull salt and turn it into a thing of beauty. And that is what you get from Poland. Beauty.