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Polish Christmas Ornaments

Poland is famous for its Christmas ornaments. Those that are hand made in Poland are the highest quality ornaments in the world.

For the most part the Christmas ornaments from Poland are made for the collectors and gift market. Cheap, plain glass balls are not shipped from Poland. Generally only high quality, hand painted balls and forms come out of Poland.

In this page we have links to many pages that cover Polish ornament manufacture, purchasing and sales from many angles. You are invited to look through the various pages for the particular information that you need.

There is also an opportunity for you to become a distributor of Polish Christmas Ornaments. We have put up a special page that discusses the distribution opportunity. You are invited to read what it has to say. You can find it at Polish Christmas Ornament Distributor.

Polish Christmas Ornament


More About Polish Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Main Page

The main page for the Poland Chamber,Inc. that promotes various types of Christmas Ornaments.

Christmas Ornament Procurement Service

This page discusses Christmas Ornament Procurement services. The information is appropriate for those who are dealing with Polish Christmas ornaments the first time - ie: have no established relationship - and those who will order less than a container load of product at a time.

Christmas Ornaments Factory Direct

How to order factory direct and get the best prices.

Custom Christmas Ornaments

You may order custom made Christmas ornaments from factories in Poland. In this page we discuss some of the requirements that you must satisfy to get your ornaments made.

Video Presentation For Faberge Egg Ornaments

You are invited to watch a nice video presentation that gives you and overview of the famous Faberge ornaments that are made in Poland.

Ordering Christmas Ornaments After June

Christmas ornament companies in Poland start shipping ornaments for the upcoming Christmas in January.


The main page describing the Silverado line of Christmas Ornaments. This is one of the highest quality ornaments in Poland.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page One

The Mazovian brand of Christmas Ornaments is a private brand. This is page one of the catalog of available ornaments.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page Two

This is page two of the catalog of Christmas ornament forms for the Mazovian Silver brand of ornaments.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page Three

This continues the series of catalog pages for the Polish Mazovian Silver Christmas Ornaments.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page Four

Here is the final page of the catalog of forms for the Mazovian Brand of Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments As Corporate Gifts

The following Christmas Ornaments are recommended as corporate gifts.

Custom Christmas Ornaments

You may have Christmas ornaments custom personalized for business or personal use. You can have pictures or text added to a ball.

Christmas Ornament General

Polish artists make the highest quality Christmas ornaments in the world.

About Christmas Ornaments

Polish Christmas ornaments have a reputation for quality, design and craftsmanship. Christmas ornaments from Poland are as much collectors items as well as Christmas ornaments for the trees. Special packaging of Polish Christmas ornaments makes them also very attractive as corporate gifts.

How To Sell Christmas Ornaments

If you choose high quality, unique ornaments, you can have a year round business. Selling common Christmas ornaments is seasonal and the business is denominated by the large retailers. But high quality ornaments sell all year round and the business is dominated by small businesses. Big businesses can't afford to even try to compete in the high end Christmas ornament market. So for a small business, choosing to sell these products is a wise choice.

About Buying Christmas Ornaments

Here is some basic information about buying Christmas ornaments from Poland. It should give you a brief overview of what is available, what is expected of you by the factories, and how you should approach buying Polish Christmas ornaments.

Collectors Pieces

The Christmas ornaments in this page are collectors' pieces and gift items. They are perfect for Christmas gifts, baby showers, employee gifts and any occasion when you would like an unusual gift item. These Christmas ornaments come in many standard patterns. You may, however, order custom made ornaments.

Christmas Ornament Stands

For point of sale and display areas, here you find a good collection of stands that are available wholesale.