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About Polish Crystal

This page provides information about the various forms of Polish crystal. The information here is presented with the wholesale crystal buyer in mind.

Polish crystal is famous the world over for its quality and beauty. Below are links to specific forms of art that come out of the crystal factories in Poland.

For the most part, crystal in Poland is hand formed. There is some machine made, but hand formed products predominate.

Adam Jablonski Crystal Video

This video gives you a pleasant tour of the Jablonski crystal catalog.



Polish crystal is some of the most famous in the world. Polish crystal has been the favorite of Europeans for centuries. In the days when only the elite could enjoy crystal, people like the Czars chose crystal from Poland as the best available. And even today, you can see modern Polish art crystal in embassies and ambassadors residences around the world. Polish crystal is valued as a family treasure and is highly regarded for trophies and awards.

Polish Crystal

Art and Polish crystal go hand in hand. When you hold a piece of Polish crystal, you hold a piece of art in crystal. This page contains pictures of crystal offered by a fine crystal factory in Poland that employs talented crystal artists who make hand formed and hand cut crystal.

Crystal Distribution

polish crystal catalogs

This tutorial helps you get started as a distributor of Polish crystal. You will first get a little background information and then you will be presented a question and answer section that should clarify matters.

Karolina Crystal Wine Glasses

Polish crystal artists offer a wide selection of crystal glasses. The selection of glasses here is from a few different factories. For your convenience we have listed wine glasses and other glasses in one page. Wine glasses, of course, are generally the first chosen by crystal buyers. But in addition to wine glasses, water goblets and whiskey glasses are popular.

Colored Crystal Wine Glasses

Here are pictures of various colored crystal glasses that are very good sellers. They are 24% lead, hand formed, hand cut by crystal artists in Poland.

Crystal Eggs

Crystal eggs are available for many uses. They can be used for decoration or for applications such as crystal ends for curtain rods. Crystal eggs can be made in many colors, many patterns and many sizes.

Lamps From Zawiercie Crystal

Crystal Lamps collection from the Zawiercie Crystal factory in Poland. Crystal Lamps from this section are hand formed. The crystal Lamps in this page are just a few of the many Lamps offered by the Zawiercie crystal factory. Lamps are made to special order and not kept in stock. In this page are images of some of the lamp forms available.