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Handmade Polish Linen

There are several categories related to Polish linen. This page discussses the traditional handmade products. For commercially made linen table cloths and for linen fabric for upholstery and so on, go to these links. Polish Linen Fabric and Linen Tablecloths.

Below are some sample pictures of handmade Polish linen. We present these pictures in this manner in order to show you both the product and how the Hand Made Linen market works in Poland. These products are generally made by one or two households and sold by one person who personally visits small gift shops and who personally sets up a display table in places that they are likely to find tourists.

There are many groups of women around Poland who make hand made linen tablecloths and other pieces. And they have their own ways of selling. Some of them sell only at outdoor fairs and others have found foreign customers to whom they sell their wares privately.

Polish hand made linen is not a bargain basement item. It is in high demand and it is expensive. The quality is there and people who know the product buy it.

If you want to find a source of hand made linen to buy wholesale, you will find that the women who sell it sell it at one price. They do not have a wholesale price. So you pay the same price to them that they charge a tourist or retail customer.

If you have a shop amd want a source of Polish hand made linen, there are two recommendations that we can make.

In the first case you can use a procurment service. In the second case you can make a buying trip to Poland.