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Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec Poland

polish pottery plate

The pottery that is manuractured in Boleslawiec, Poland is famous the world over. It is one of the top ten items bought by tourists who come to Poland. The City of Boleslawiec is a major tourist attraction. Buses come with foreigners from all over Europe to the City to visit the factories to get special prices and to visit the polish pottery manufacturers.

The City was once the German City of Bunzlau. And the factories making the pottery were German. The origninal patterns that are still so popular today are German designs. In Germany it is still called Bunzlau Pottery.

When the borders of Poland were shifted and the City Of Bunzlau, Germany became the city of Boleslawiec, Poland. The German pottery factories there continued under new Polish management. And the business survived until the US Military in Germany discovered it and popularized it. The market demand from the United States resulted in new factories coming on line. And as market demand continues to grow, more factories are stepping into the void to supply demand.


The clay in the region is what makes the product unique. It is found only in that region. Even those manufacturers out of the area have the clay trucked to their factories rather than using something that they can get closer and cheaper.

Everything is hand made. The process is long and expensive. And the final product reflects the price. You can see some pictures of the process by going to this link for the Wiza factory.

The art that is applied to the pottery pieces is either done by hand stamping with special sponges or it is hand painted.

Ceramika Artystyczna is Polish for Ceramic Art. It is a general term that does not identify any particular factory or product line. There are many factories that produce Ceramika Artystyczna in many forms, patterns and many decorations.

The patterns that you find vary with the factory. Some provide the traditional patterns and others offer new designs.

If you wish to purchase Polish pottery at factory prices, please go here and tell us what you want. Polish Product Information