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Portable Folding Tables

About portable folding tables, factory direct, made by a Polish manufacturer of high quality furniture.

The table shown in the picture uses the VV leg is a particularly strong, although lightweight, leg system.

The table is very easy to transport and set up. The legs full of very easily into the table.

The table comes in two sizes and with two different top materials. Of course, your specific requirements can be considered to make a table of this general form for your own use.

portable table 5004mThe manufacturer also makes portable tables with standard folding legs. You can find information about those tables in this website by using our site search engine. Additionally you can get personal health and other information by using our free information service that you find at this link. Free Information Service

To get the complete specifications for this table and added information, go to Wholesale Products Poland Portable Table

Once again, we emphasized that is table is one of several stock items offered by this manufacturer. If you would wish to have a portable folding table custom-designed and custom packed for you a form or use, please be sure to contact us using the link in the navigation bar below.