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Portable Work Table

This page is about portable work tables available wholesale, directly from the manufacturer in Poland.

This table is the workbench version of the line of portable folding tables that you can get from this Polish manufacturer.

The worktable shown is supported by legs that are designed to provide lateral and horizontal stability while being able to sustain a fairly significant weight load of up to 200 kg.

The top is black so that grease and dark smudges do not show even after he easy to clean top is wiped down.

portable work table The table is designed to be easily moved from place to place. The legs fold right out into the benchtop so that you can easily move the bench from shop to another location.

This table can be customized for your own requirements. It is a matter of sending to us specifications as to what you would like and a request for quotation.

You can get complete details and the specifications for the portable workbench that are shown in this picture by going to the link that you find at wholesale products Poland work table.


Additionally if you would like more information or help use the Poland chamber free information service by going to this link. Free Information Service