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Polish Pottery Price Lists

About price lists for Boleslawiec Polish Pottery and how to get them.

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To get a price list for Boleslawiec Polish Pottery, you must submit a request for quotation.

Price lists are not considered public information. Factories do not freely give out price lists. Prices are provided on a quotation basis. That means that you must submit to the factory a specific list of the items that you wish to purchase along with the quantities and a shipping address. If you are request meets the factory standards you will be provided a quotation for that particular product submission.

The reasons for such a policy are rather straight forward.

For one, the currency exchange rates fluctuate daily. These fluctuations affect the cost of raw materials that must be imported and affect the actual amount of money that the factory gets in Polish Zloty that it gets when it is paid in a foreign currency.

And it does not make good business sense to be floating wholesale price lists to anyone who wants one. The factories want to be sure with whom they are dealing and to be sure that that company is serious before they reveal information.

Understand their position. They are flooded by requests from people everywhere that want wholesale prices on Polish pottery to add to their person collection. The companies want these people to buy through existing serious distributors. They do not want to undercut their regular, large customers. In short, they do not compete with their customers and they do not undercut there customers by revealing sensitive information.

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You may contact factories directly at Free Information Service.

And be sure to submit a DETAILED request for quotation. Read the information here. About Requests For Quotation.

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