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Wiza Pottery

Wiza pottery

About Wiza pottery, the factory and how to get catlogs.

Included in this page is a video about the products made by this factory. It should give you a good overview of the quality of the products.

There are also links to other specific information related to Pottery. You are invited to review the information there.

The ceramics made by this factory are some of the more popular ceramics made in Poland.

There are a few large factories that do most of the export and this is one of them. It is located in the city of Boleslawiec proper.


Included in this page are links to information about a factory tour and a link to a page that contains a good listing of the patterns offered by the Wiza factory.

Do note that the pottery business is dynamic and the patterns offered by the various companies is in a continual state of flux.

So you can use this page really as an overview page to give you a feel for the type pattern that they offer. Ee would caution you, however, to get a current copy of the catalogs so if you are not disappointed.

Below is information about the catalogs and a video review of the catalogs.

Here is that link to the Wiza pottery factory

And here's that link to the Wiza pottery patterns.

For Polish pottery catalogs go to Catalogs