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Pressed Crystal From Poland's Zawiercie Factory

Pressed crystal is an affordable product for most people. Because it is a machine produced crystal product, a substantial investment is required in machinery and space. That limits production to realatively few factories.

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In Poland, the pressed crystal is made by Zawiercie Huta Szkla Gospodarczego. It makes a quality line of pressed crystal products that sell very well. In fact Zawiercie is a leader in the pressed crystal field.

The production process uses 24% lead crystal melt. The molten mix is injected into metal forms and shaped under mechanical pressure. This compares to the hand blown process where each piece is individuually blown into shape.

Though machine formed, Zawiercie is consistent with their quality standards. The end product is not subject to a second level of quality control. But rather because it is a Zawiercie product, it is a valued product and the company expects that its customers can rely on the company to take care in what they send for sale.

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Their offering is available through the catalog section that you find at Crystal Catalogs.

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