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Privacy Policy For The Poland Chamber

The privacy poliy for the Poland Chamber, Inc. and its services offered throughout its network.

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It is illegal to send a commercial offer to anyone in Poland without the express, prior, written consent of the recipient. This Chamber supports that law and structures its activities to help make implementation of the intent of the law effective.

Over 90% of the email received by this Chamber is spam and we are actively working against it by protecting privacy and our business relationships. As you do not want us to sell or give your email address to someone who will send you spam, we will not do it to others. Simply stated, our privacy policy is absolute.

This Chamber does not give any contact information to anyone for any reason without the express permission of the person whose contact information is requested.

And we apply our privacy policy across the board. We do not give out any contact information to anyone from any country for any purpose. People who deal with us get absolute privacy.


For example, if you wish to contact a factory to buy product, we will send your request to the factory. We will not give you the contact information to the factory. If the factory is interested in contacting you, they will tell us. And, before we give them your contact information, we will get your express permission to release that information to the factory. If you would like to use this totally free service, Polish Product Information Center

If you do not agree with our privacy policy and wish not to use our totally free services, you may find information in other ways.

Contact your own embassy for help. Go to Embassies

Contact your own Chamber of Commerce or Trade organization in Poland for help.