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Procurement Services

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Utilization of procurement services in today's international and internet environment is almost essential. Not only can such services move your projects along faster, but they can help you find suppliers you would not have, find better suppliers, get better prices, get better service, monitor production schedules, and help with the supply chain schedule and delivery process. In short, procurement services exists because companies know their importance and use them.

This Chamber recommends strongly that you use the procurement services offered by industry procurement specialists. For example, if you are going to purchase glass, use a procurement service to find the right factory and to ensure that your project is properly completed.

A procurement specialist becomes part of your acquisition team. The specialist is, in a sense, an outsourced employee. You effectively have a person on the ground who can do everything from local research to quality control and production supervision.

A good procurement service has people who are industry experts on its staff. So not only do you have an outsourced employee, you have one that is an industry expert.



And let's get serious about it.

Sometimes there will be a fee. Sometimes there will not. And in many cases, you might only use them to get started and work without them later.

But it will be advantageous to start with one.

checkA procurement service will many times get you better prices than you get yourself because that service may be buying for other companies and have buying power that you do not.

checkA procurement service is likely to know suppliers that you will not.

checkA procurement service is likely to recommend multiple suppliers from among which you can choose.

checkA procurement service will likely know who is reliable and who is not.

checkA procurement service will probably get better service from a factory for you than you will.

checkA procurement service will definitely save you time.

checkA procurement service will know the industry and be able to steer you though the learning curve and save you money in the process.

And why do we highly recommend procurement companies? Because both buyers and sellers end up happier.

If you would like help in finding a proper procurement specialist, send email via Contact and tell us what you would like.