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Product Blog - A Marketer's Necessary Tool

If you have ANY business on the internet, you need a product blog.

And if you are just starting in business, don’t put up a complex website or ecommerce store as your first web site. Start with a wordpress blog to define your presence and then later convert it to a product blog. See Your First Website.

And use to to do as many savvy marketers do – use a blog as your website and/or online store. And make money just by maintaining your blog. See Top Money Making Businesses

A product blog is free to setup and simple to maintain.  It makes you money.

Let’s start at the beginning and work from there.


Why Is There A Special Category Blog That Is Called A Product Blog?

Marketers developed them when they found search engines prefer them to the typical static websites and ecommerce stores. Properly used, Product Blogs get better search engine position than static websites and ecommerce stores. That, in turn, yields higher sales.

Moreover they are free, fast and easy. And for anyone in business, that is very interesting.


For Those Just Starting, A Product Blog:

checkAllows you to start a business on a shoestring.

checkIs the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way for you to get online so that you can start selling products immediately?

checkAutomatically submits your pages to the search engines for immediate listing.

checkHelps you get excellent search engine position.


For Those Now Selling On The Web, A Product Blog:

checkYou can dramatically increase your sales.

checkIf you sell on eBay, it helps you increase your eBay sales in spite of eBay Best Match.

checkIf you sell on Amazon, it helps you increase your sales.


Who Should Have A Product Blog?

If I have an ecommerce store, should I have a Product Blog? - Yes!

If I have a company website, should I have a Product Blog? - Yes!

If I sell on eBay, should I have a Product Blog? - Yes!

If I drop ship products, should I have a Product Blog? - Yes!

If I sell Amazon products, should I have a Product Blog? - Yes!


Why Do Marketers Use Them?

checkThey are free to set up.

checkThey do not require web designers or other experts to set up, change or maintain.

checkThey are fast and easy to setup.

checkThey drive sales day in and day out with very little work.

checkThey get great search engine position.

More Information About Product Blogs

For your convenience, you can download a free white paper on how to use them to your benefit and how to set them up by going to this link. Just click on the link and the white paper will open. If you like it, save it to your computer. Go to Blog And Product Blog Basics