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Raw Amber Stones

raw amber stones

About raw amber stones of Natural Baltic amber from Poland.

Pictured are raw amber stones from a large selection of Natural Baltic Amber pieces that are available for wholesale purchase.

A more complete set of pictures and specifications for the amber offered can be found at Wholesale Raw Amber Stones.

Generally raw amber is sold wholesale only. And it is sold by the kilogram rather than the piece.

The number of pieces in a kilogram will vary with the size of the stones. The suppliers sieve the pieces and offer them within general given tolerance levels. For example, a batch may contain sizes that may vary between 10 mm and 14 mm.

Some amber is sold by the weight of the stones rather than the size. For jewelry making however, sized pieces are most effecient as well as most popular. That is because there is much less waste when using the product.

Wholesale amber prices are provided after the submission of a request for quotation. Information about getting prices is in the download files that you find at the bottom of this page.








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Sometimes you can get tumbled amber. The tumbling process takes the edges off and imparts a certain amount of polishing. Tumble products are often used to make Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces as well as other arrangements made with a natural product.

It is always important to understand that what is under the natural, opaque surface of a stone is always a surprise. The amber was created by nature as a byproduct of sap that always has some form or impurity trapped within it. So in some cases it may be clear and in other cases it may have fault lines.

But that is the nature of the business and jewelry manufacturers always leave room for rejects while knowing that most of what they buy from reputable suppliers is jewelry grade.


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If you click on these links you can download pdf files with detailed information about raw amber and how to order it.

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