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Reasonable Amber Prices

About reasonable, competitive, low price and counterfeit amber.

This information assumes that you know that there are different types of amber and that they have different characteristics and prices. Please refresh your knowledge by reading the information here. Types of Amber

The market for counterfeit amber and amber imitations is huge.

Some people purposefully sell counterfeits to unsuspecting consumers.

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Amber And Imitation

Others don't care and buy based on price while conveniently ignoring whether the amber is counterfeit or not.

Some just don't know and are suckered into buying imitations because they get good prices.

Natural Baltic Amber is a gemstone. It has a market price. You do not get deals on gemstones. They are valuable and people charge their value.

Amber from anywhere else in the world is not Natural Baltic Amber. Because it is a distinct gemstone, it has a distinct price.

Polish Amber companies compete with each other. They are always under pressure to hold the prices down. But they, like any company, have to hold to certain lines or they will go out of business. Their prices are always competitive for Natural Baltic Amber. They do not try to compete with frauds.

If someone is offering you low cost amber jewelry claiming that it is made with Natural Baltic Amber, you are warned to be cautious. Polish companies do not sell under market.

There are wholesalers all over the world, and that includes in Poland, who will import low cost imitations into their country and pass it off as low cost Natural Baltic Amber jewelry.

This Chamber often hears of imitations being sold in Warsaw and Krakow at wholesale to foreigners who are looking for "reasonably priced" amber, or amber sold all "at the same price per gram" regardless of design, or "low priced" amber. And it has been contacted by companies from China with requests to help them find customers for their counterfeits in Poland. See Chinese "Amber"

Please understand, that if this Chamber knew of Genuine Natural Baltic Amber sold at the prices reported, it would refer these companies to many buyers in Poland who would sell it in their shops.

If you want quality and authentic product, deal with manufacturers or wholesalers who sell quality and do not sell price.

The best way to start is to get amber catalogs.

Once you do your research, contact factories.

You can have factories contact you by going here and asking for information. (We recommend against using the words low cost, reasonably priced, or competitively priced in making your entry. Factories tend to regard responding to people who use those words as a waste of time.) Go to Price And Catalog Requests

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