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About Requests For Quotation.

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Request Quotation

About requests for quotation and how to write a request for quotation that will get a response from a factory.

A Request For Quotation is a document submitted to a supplier, or group of suppliers, for the purpose of getting a bid or price on a specific product or project.

A Request For Quotation must often be submitted even when buying manufactured goods. This is necessary because many factories do not consider that price lists are public information and they will not simply the divulge prices based on a simple request from an unknown potential customer.

Many manufacturers will not provide price information until after they verify basic information about the business or person requesting the information.

By way of example, companies in Poland that manufacture Silver and Amber jewelry, and companies that manufacture crystal, to name only two types of companies how many that operate in a similar fashion, will not divulge any price information until they thoroughly understand with whom they are in dealing. And then they still will only give prices on products specifically mentioned in a Request For Quotation.



For your convenience, below is the minimum information that you should include is a your Request For Quotation with comments about each item that you should include.


Request For Quotation



Provide your full name. And include your company position. If you are the owner the business, so indicate.

Business Name


Provide the full formal name of your business. If you are operating under a trade name, include that trade name.

Phone Number


Providing a phone number that someone may call to follow up on the request to both verify information that you submitted and to get answers to any questions that they might have.

Web site Address


In today's environment any legitimate company has a web site or Product Blog . So Include your web site or Product Blog address. If you are in startup, you should at least have a domain name. And if you have a proper web site host, that web site host will provide you the necessary tools to put up a free Product Blog . Companies know this and when they notice that you do not have a web site or Product Blog , you are likely to be ignored. Information about Product Blog s is at this link. Product Blog

Company Email Address


Write over your company e-mail address. Do not write over a free account such as Yahoo, Hotmail or some other commercial e-mail provider when your company name is not in the domain name.

If you do not have a company e-mail address over your own domain name, look at this video about looking professional or getting ignored. It will show you how to get set up properly. Get Professional Or Get Ignored

Shipping Address


It is important that you provide the exact shipping address so that you can get an accurate shipping quote. If you own a small company that works from a residential address, be sure to indicate that the shipping point is residential. This is important because the shipping companies use different trucks and rates.

Catalog ID / SKU - Number Of Pieces


Do not make a general request that is nothing more than a fishing expedition to get a price list. Be specific. You are expected to give a number of pieces, or a weight, or volume. Failure to be specific will result in you probably being ignored.

By way of example, if you are ordering crystal, you would be expected to say that you are ordering X pieces of item 11234, Y pieces of 4334, and so on. If you wish to order a pallet load of a piece, say so.

In other words, be as specific as you can. The factory will give advice on any recommended adjustments to your request.

Use the company's catalog or web site to list the specific pieces that you wish to order. Identify them by catalog ID or SKU.

And state the exact number of pieces of each SKU that you wish to order.

Do not say that quantity the depends on the price. In reality, the price depends on the quantity that you order. Factories use the information about how many you will order to determine the price that you get.

You will NOT get prices without you making a demonstrable good faith effort to be as specific as you can. .


General Remarks

If you are not purchasing a commodity item and are looking for is service or a specially manufactured product, then give your requirements in detail

For example if you wish an item manufactured to your specific design, you will be expected provide to the company that designs so they can make a fair price estimation for you.

You should include the number of units of the product in this section where appropriate and logical. For example if you wish to have special porcelain plates manufactured for you, you will be expected to provide a design, all specifications, plus the number of units that you will order.

If you have a target price, list that price. Make sure that it is realistic. If you try to press the factory by making it unrealistically low, they may just ignore you.


End notes

The information that we have covered above will take you time to gather and write down. The factories

are very busy with their professional and regular customers that submit to them this information as a matter of routine. For you to get attention it is important that you adhere to the typical commercial practices used by their regular customers.

Take your time and submit a complete Request For Quotation.

If you have any questions regarding how to fill out a request for quotation, use the live help service in the navigation bar to the right.