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Ten Top Rules For Internet Commerce

Internet commerce grew 11% in 2010 while off line businesses failed. Here are some rules for Internet commerce.

1. Don't rely on Google, Bing or any of the other search engines to send you customers. Forget wasting time and money on SEO (SEO = Getting good position in the search engines. ) Focus on those places that you can have more control. Savvy marketers know that there are more effective and more reliable ways to get customers.

2. Learn to use eBay classifieds, and auctions with buy it now offers. And use it not to sell products but to build your mailing list. Once again, use eBay classifieds and auctions to build your business. Do not focus on making a profit but rather focus on building your mailing list.

3. YouTube and the other video services are small business goldmines. Some big time marketers make most of their money by making videos that send traffic to their blogs and web sites. Anyone can make a video for YouTube. If you don't have a camera, all you need is a small and inexpensive camera that is YouTube friendly. Examples can be seen at Kodak Video Camera and Sony Bloggie

4. Amazon and eBay continue to make people fortunes. Look very hard at them. Market entry is low and the upside potential is huge. Amazon offers you many ways to make money selling their products. Consider your own “Amazon web site.” Read about that at Amazon Formula

5. Drop Shipping is the small business enabler. Learn drop shipping. Sources of products to drop ship keep growing. But don't jump. Be sure you understand all the ins and outs of drop shipping before you start. Consider Drop Shipping On A Budget

6. Learn how to use Auto Responders. And use one. Use one to build relationships. Use them to keep people coming back to your website, blog or auction listings. Use them to build your business. You MUST have one. Some are free. Some are paid.

7. Business is local. People search globally and buy locally. Build your website to attract local customers.

8. Become a source of information. Become an expert. That is easily done by setting up a blog ( it can be done free ) or writing articles and submitting them to the article directories (Also free.) Anyone can set up a blog that is a local events calendar. Or horse show calendar? Or any other focused activity. Do it as a public service to advertise your business. Or add advertising and make a living doing it. Watch the video that shows how easy it is. How To Set Up A Blog

9. Don't chase the rabbit. Your business will go down the hole with it. Stick with the basics. Forget all these new how to make a million dollars a minute programs. Remember that there over three quarter million people who make a full time living on eBay alone. All you need is a good web host, blog, auto responder and domain name.

10. It is all about marketing. Step back and think about how you will get yourself in front of customers so that they have the opportunity to subscribe to your mailing list. Sit down and write our a marketing plan and follow it. This is different than a business plan. It is a marketing plan. It is your plan for building relationships with people so that they will eventually buy from you, advertise with you or visit your advertisers. See Marketing Plans



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