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Salt Construction Materials

Wholesale salt construction materials from Poland.

The pictures below show some applications for salt bricks and crystal mined from the unique salt veins found only in Poland.

The products here are typical of the high end results that you get when you use Polish salt crystal products.

In addition to the applications that you see below, the company that produces these products also provides the materials for salt saunas and salt caves.






Salt Panels

Panels offer ease of application to walls.

salt panel
salt panel









Salt Bricks

The pictures below show some of the creative ways that salt bricks are being used in Poland.

Bricks will be sized and cut to your specifications and/or design.

We can also offer you some design suggestions if you tell us what you are trying to do.

salt bricks lighted
salt brick tower








salt brick bar




salt brick bar elevation 1

salt brick bar elevation 2`





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