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Salt Lamp Ionizers

This page lists salt lamps that are effective ionizers. You are invited to review the lamps to see which is most pleasing to you. Note that light therapy is an important consideration and you should not forget the lighting characteristics of your choice.

salt lamp traditional

Note that most people will to a traditionally form salt lamp such as the one that you see to the right when they talk about ionization.

If ionization is to be maximized, what you have to do is maximize the surface area of the salt that is heated.

A smooth water washed salt when or even a traditionally antiship salt lamp such as you get from Poland does not match in the ability to ionize the lamps are shown below.

In any case, do remember, that there are absolutely no studies scientifically done that indicate the effect of the ionization of any salt lamp.

Only can say is that there are many people who swear by salt treatment at the salt mines in Poland. Information about that is under this link. Salt Mine



Maximum Ionization With Beauty

If you are interested in a salt lamp that will give off the most ions for a given size and that, at the same time is beautiful, a salt lamp basket is best. Because it is made of chips, it has a large surface area so it gives off the most ions. You will need one lamp per room where you want effect. Start with one for your bedroom and work up from there.


These lamps are made of specially treated metal and filled with salt crystal chips that are cut to maximize surface area and therefore, to give off maximum ions.




These lamps are salt chips in wooden baskets. They are as effective as the metal baskets but the wood is a little easier to handle since it does not scratch things and it does not get hot.

For most purposes, it is more effective to have a small salt lamp in every room rather than just one large one in a single room.


If you are interested in a traditionally shaped salt lamp that is an effective ionizer for air purification and asthma cure and gives off beautiful colors, the 5 kilogram lamp is the recommended choice.


How To Get Salt Lamps

Wholesale - To buy directly from the factory, go to Polish Product Information Center and we will send you an information package.