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Salt Lamps

About salt lamps from Poland and their benefits for you.

Salt Crystal Lamps come in many shapes and sizes. You can get raw crystal, pyramids, balls, cubes, mushrooms, candle holders, aromatic dispensers and lanterns. Hand sculptured salt crystal lamps with relief carvings of signs of the zodiac, animals and monograms are also available.

And not only are Salt crystal lamps beautiful, salt crystal lamps are popular because of the reported healthy conditions that they create around them. Health practitioners all over the world recommend salt crystal lamps to their patients.

Many people notice an improved air quality near the ocean, near a waterfall, in the forest or on a mountaintop.

In these locations a larger quantity of negative ions in the air help them feel better.

Negative ions freshen and improve air quality by removing harmful particles from the air.

Some people believe that salt crystal lamps from Poland produce negative ions that improve air quality, bio energy levels and general well being. Many health practitioners believe this and use salt crystal lamps extensively in their recommended treatments.

This is probably reinforced by the reported health benefits that result from attending the salt mine health spas in Poland such as the one at Wielicka.

Do note, that regardless of the anecdotes claiming health beneifits from salt lamos, we know of no known documented, scientifically sound information about ionization levels related to salt lamps or their use. But people do believe that the salt lamps have some effect on their health. For example, see Salt Lamps And My Asthma.

The same lack of documented scientifically sound information about health benefits of the salt mine health spas exists. But some people are convinced that such treatment has and does help them.

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In any case, you might, as I did (Salt Lamps and My Asthma) try reach your own conclusions.

And they are used for light therapy. Information about salt lamps for light therapy can be found here.

If nothing else, Polish Salt lamps are beautiful.

So if you want something that is just beautiful or something that you try to see if it improves your well being, consider salt crystal lamps from the salt mines of Poland.

They also present a business opportunity as a distributor. Go to Salt Lamp Distribution

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