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This page is about saltlamps from Poland, how they are used and how to distribute them.

Styles And Saltlamp Types

Salt Lamp Catalog of Pictures - Saltlamps come in a variety of shapes for various forms. You can get raw crystal, pyramids, balls, cubes, mushrooms, candle holders, aromatic dispensers and lanterns. Hand sculptured salt crystal lamps with relief carvings of signs of the zodiac, animals and monograms are also available.

Special Saltlamps

European Saltlamps - European Saltlamps have a long tradition. They started as salt candles and have evolved from there. European Saltlamps as seen today are the descendants of those that were used in the salt mines by the miners and in the chapels that they carved deep under the earth for themselves. Get information about them here.







Saltlamps Ionization

Salt Lamps And Ions - If you are going to use Saltlamps, it is best to understand ionization. Get information at this link.


Saltlamps For Aroma Therapy

Salt Lamp Aroma Therapy - The benefits of aroma therapy, light therapy and ionization are written about extensively in Europe. And Saltlamps provide what therapists recommend. You can read about using Saltlamps for aroma therapy under this link.


How Europeans Use The Benefits Of Salt To Cure Asthma

Salt Lamp Asthma Cure - Salt has been used as an asthma cure for centuries in Eastern Europe. The salt mines of Poland, Ukraine and Russia continue to help many people. Others who can't travel to the mines use Saltlamps as an alternative. Get information here.


A Testimonial About Using Saltlamps For Asthma

Saltlamps and Asthma - Here is a testimonial from an America who has tried them to cure his asthma and now no longer uses an inhalator.


Salt Lamp Business

Salt Lamp Wholesale - You are invited to look at the business opportunities for Saltlamps. Information here is about buying wholesale and about how to start a salt lamp business. You are invited to become a distributor.


Salt Lamp General Information

Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing light of a traditional Salt lamp from the famous salt mines of Poland while creating a better living and working environment.

And not only are crystal Saltlamps beautiful, they are popular because of the reported healthy conditions that they create around them. Health practitioners all over the world recommend them to their patients.

Many people notice an improved air quality near the ocean, near a waterfall, in the forest or on a mountaintop.

In these locations a larger quantity of negative ions in the air help them feel better.

Negative ions freshen and improve air quality by removing harmful particles from the air.

They are known to produce negative ions that improve air quality, bio energy levels and your general well being. Many health practitioners understand this and use them extensively in their recommended treatments.

So if you want something that is just beautiful or something that you can use for an improved well being, consider salt crystal lamps from the salt mines of Poland.

This is a selection of high quality lamps, candle sticks and aromatic dispensers. They can be supplied with wiring installed, with wiring kits or without wiring.