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Polish Salt Special Carved Lamps
For The Limited Editions

You May Order Special Carvings And Limited Editions in Polish salt lamps

special salt lamp
Limited Edition
The Only One In The World
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The lamp that you see in this picture is one of a kind. And it is available for sale.

You may also get your own lamp to your design.

If you are interested in a work of art that you can display in your gallery, office or home, Polish salt lamp carvers can produce to your design. Current designs include Egyptian Cats, Angels, Buddha, Bears, Owls. And of course, the seal that is shown on this page.

This seal lamp is the only one of its kind. It is made of three separate salt crystals and has four lights. It weighs 65 kilograms. It was made to our order as a centerpiece to show the quality of Polish art as applied to salt crystal. Because of the unique salt crystals in this lamp, it cannot be duplicated. The price is 1,500 Euro.





special salt lamp2
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The lamp is made from different pieces of salt crystal so that you see the various effects shown by each.






For information about getting your own special edition salt lamp, use our free information service that you find at Free Information Service.