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Thin Sandstone Veneer

natural stone veneer

This is a unique patented sandstone veneer manufactured in Poland. It is a natural stone veneer that is produced in thin, flexible panels that allow you to easily apply it to curved surfaces. As such you can make a wood or concrete columns look like they are made of sandstone.

There are two videos in this page that show you how it is used in interior and exterior applications.

There is a particularly nice application for a stone veneer fireplace in the video on interior applications.

This veneer is patented in Poland. The patent owner manufacturers in Poland and is seeking distributors in all countries around the world.

You can get samples along with installation instructions so that you can test it.

Use the contact information below.



This is a thin veneer that is actually translucent. This allows you to back light it and to create some stunning effects when making columns or wall panels.

This video shows the some interior applications.

Do not that toward the end of the video you can see lighted columns and panels that utilize the translucent effect of the product




The veneer is easily applied. And it does not take a lot of training to learn how to apply this stone veneer.

The picture to the left shows it being applied to a gypsum wall in an office.

It is a flexible product that holds its shape. So if you roll it out if you will stay rolled. That makes it easy to apply to a column.

Conversely, you can unroll and flatten it and it will quickly reassume its flat shape.



The veneer makes concrete columns look like they are made of sandstone. In both of the videos you can see how the veneer is used to make the column bases and heads. And again note that these columns can be lighted from the inside to give a very interesting effect.








This video shows external applications of the product.

Note how it is applied in many unique and creative ways.







natural stone veneer

The veneer ships as flat panels. It can be shipped by air freight if you wish.

To the left are pictures of the two basic colors available.




stone veneer

This sandstone veneer is available retail and wholesale in Poland at Stonart. The staff speak English and Polish.

It is available for export on a wholesale basis only.

If you are interested in wholesale prices, send email via Contact