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Search Engine Advertising

This search engine advertising page provides small business owners the materials that they need to first understand the mechanics of search engine advetising, the benefits and finally how to use it effectively

Search engine advertisin is generally done in Google. You pay to have your ad appear in one of the many forms of google ads that you see on web sites - including this one. You bid to get the position that you want.

It is effective. It is so effective that it is Googles main source of income.

Web marketers know it is a cheap and very effective way to bring interested customers to their web sites.

Search engine advertising should be part of your marketing plan.

It will bring you customers within a couple hours of the time you place your ad.

But search engine advertising can be expensive for a beginner in that they often pay too much for ads. They often pay high rates to get good position while knowlegable competitors pay much less for equal results.

Judging by the number of ads you see, and Google's huge income, you know that many advertisers use it successfully.

You should use it. But we recommend that you do not jump into it. Study and understand it.

Get your education the cheap and easy way - by reading and preparing first - and not by wasting money on advertising poorly done.

Search Engine Advertising Resources

Here are three books on search engine advertising. The cost of these books will be offset by the money you will save, and the money you will make by doing it right.

The first, the lowest cost of the group, is actually rated by some as the best. Three are presented for your comparison.