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Shipping Costs

About the costs of shipping from Poland to other countries.

The issue of shipping one pallet of goods from Poland to a foreign country often causes confusion on the part of the buyer. This page contains an excerpt of an actual quotation for the shipping costs of two pallets of ceramics from Boleslawiec, Poland to Illinois, USA.

shipping costs

The shipping costs here are, of course, for a specific shipment, and each shipment will have its own unique costs. But what is shown here illustrates the important points.


The total costs shown are about $1,400 for two pallets.

The cost for one pallet, whether it is fully loaded or not, are MUCH more than $700.

The ocean freight charge is not the dominant charge.

The other fees dominate the costs. They can be considered fixed up to about four pallets.

The trucking charges are big variables and add significantly to the overall costs.

The remarks section shows that there will be other costs.

Excerpt From Shipping Quotation

Re:Shipment of pottery from Boleslawiec/Poland to terminal Chicago / USA
in groupage container via port Gdynia. 2 pallets 500 kgs 4,00 cbm
Terms of delivery: EXW 59-700 Boleslawiec,Poland

OFFER NO: 10738/2009

Dear (Edited),

Thank you for submitting your enquiry to (Edited)

Please find below our service charges for shipment of a/m cargo in our groupage container from EXW Boleslawiec to Chicago,terminal via Gdynia

Oncarriage from Boleslawiec to Gdynia .............: USD 160,00 2 pallets
- the rates is valid under condition that the customs clearance is held in Gdynia and max. weight of pallet =800,kgs; max.H = 1,8m.
THC in Gdynia .....................................: USD 30,00 1t/minimum
Customs clearance in Gdynia (up to 2 customs items): USD 55,00 SAD
Fumigation op pallets and Certificate(if required).: USD 85,00 up to 5pcs
Documentation fee .................................: USD 35,00 B/L
Ocean freight rate Gdynia-Chicago .................: USD 115,00 1 cbm
so for 4,00cbm = USD 460,00 4 cbm/2pall
ISPS (Port Security fee) ..........................: USD 5,00 shipment
ACI-Advanced Commercial information fee ...........: USD 50,00 shipment
Oncarriage Chicago to DDU Saint Carles,IL 60174 ...: USD 545,00 shipment
/ taxes and duties not included/

* Total cost of our service will be confirmed by us after we measure all colli in our warehouse in Gdynia.
* The above mentioned rates include cargo insurance,
* The offer does not include customs clearance,duty,tax and extra service. in USA.



The shipping cost on $700 or less in product equals the cost of the product or more. Your actual cost, delivered to your location, is double, or more, the cost of the product at the factory.

Shipping high value products reduces the shipping cost per unit.

The cost of shipping the second pallet is less than the cost of the first pallet. In other words, it pays to ship more than one pallet at a time.

Your cost of shipping per unit for one and two pallet orders is much higher than that paid by the company that orders a full container.

In many cases, you are financially ahead if you buy from a local distributor who has ordered large quantities. Simply stated, you are likely to find that you can buy some things locally cheaper than you can buy them factory direct and import them.

This shipping cost disparity offers you a business opportunity. Many small companies are not willing to make multiple pallet orders. You can make multiple pallet orders and then supply the small companies as a wholesaler.

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