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About Shipping From Poland To Australia

In short, the shipping costs of sending products to Australia from Poland play heavily in the final price of the goods in Australia.

Additionally, because they are high, it is not practical to ship less than a pallet load of any product. That is simply because it costs just as much to ship less than a pallet load than it does to ship a full pallet load. That is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 cubic meters of product.

Now we must qualify this by saying that if you are shipping something like amber and silver jewelry, you will definitely not ship it on a pallet. That goes in small boxes via courier.


If you are a retailer, the practical requirement to order a full pallet load is probably beyond your needs. So you will have to buy the product from a distributor.

And if you can't find a distributor, it presents you an opportunity.

There are many others who want products but don't want to order by the pallet. The opportunity for you is to order by the pallet and become a distributor.

Your factory representative in Poland is probably the best source of advice on shipping its particular product. That representative should be able to give you a rough estimate of cost before you order. Once your order is completed, the weight and volume known, you will be able to get an exact cost.

Start by submitting a detailed Request For Quotation.

Information about what we mean by "a detailed Request For Quotation" is at RFQ.

You can submit one at Polish Products Information Center.