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Shopping In Warsaw

About shopping in Warsaw with videos showing places to shop. At the bottom of this page is the link to the shopping videos that show the various shopping districts, places to shop and shopping centers.

You can approach shopping in Warsaw from many different angles.

But first here is some helpful in the centrum of warsaw

There is the typical tourist shopping in the Old Town and along Nowy Swiat. These are the places that you will pay top dollar for whatever you buy.

In the undergrounds around the city there is a shopping world unto itself. Around the central train station, the prices are definitely higher than in the others.

There are major shopping centers that all around Warsaw that offer the latest in fashions, electronics and every else you would expect to find in any shopping mall. These are the places most frequented by the younger people of poland.

You can experience something different in your shopping experience and try one of the many bazaars that are popular among the older folk. You can find everything from soup to nuts and the prices are low.

And of course, there is the flea market and outdoor antique market.

Alll of these places to shop are described in detail and accompanied by Videos and other information related to shopping in Warsaw are at this link called Shopping In Warsaw.

We do hope that this shopping in Warsaw page has helped.

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