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You Must Show Others That You Are Serious

To be taken seriously on the internet and in business, you must SHOW that you are serious. This page discusses the steps that you must take to be taken seriously.

If you are in business, or are really going to start a business, then take those minimum steps necessary to show that you are. And when you get down to it, there is actually only one.

Any business will require at least a simple web site and company name.

To have a simple web site and company name, you will need web hosting company. And that is the step you must take. Get a hosting company.

With the proper choice of hosting company, you get a free company name and templates that you can use - EVEN WITHOUT COMPUTER SKILLS - to put up a web site that says as little as "My company in formation" and has contact information to you.

That will cost you under $10 per month.

And business people know that. If you are unwilling to pay $10 per month for something that every business needs in today's business enviornment, you are definitely not ready to buy wholesale.

Here is a list of hosting companies.