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Why You Should Have Skype For Business.

We at this Chamber find Skype one of the most effective tools that we have.

We use free Skype for voice conversations.

We use free Skype for instant text messaging.

We use Skype In for a business phone line and voice mail.


Free Skype text messaging does not tie up your computer with a lot of extras. And it is amazing how many people make contact with us for the first time using Skype text. Our ID is Polcham

Free Skype voice does require you to be at your computer and to use a headset with microphone. But it saves a lot of money and people who would not otherwise call us because they do not want to spend the money on a long distance call, do call us. In short, it increases our sales.

Plus, once we establish with a client, use free Skype voice as much as possible to talk with them.

One of our favorites is the paid service Skype In.


Why? Our staff works from an office in Warsaw, Poland. We have a Skype in phone number in Webster, Mass. 508 471 4462 . People in the US call our US number and pay only for the costs of the call to the US. We answer the phone WHEREVER our computer is - be it Warsaw, Kiev, Berlin or Webster. In short our phone goes with us on the road. And our callers never see any charges or changes other than the charge to call Webster, Mass. And we can choose computers we use to answer. So we can have staff answer from Warsaw or we can choose to answer wherever we are.

And it comes with voicemail. So if callers ignore the time difference, they leave voice mail and we get back to them.

Think about your own situation. Suppose you are in India, UK, Brazil, US or wherever, and you want to export to Poland. Use Skype In to put up a Warsaw, Poland phone number. Polish customers will pay only for a call to Warsaw. And if you do not answer, they can leave a message in your voice mailbox.

It is not like having a free 800 number. But for international calls, it is not far from it.

There are many more ways you can use Skype. Here is a link for information. Skype for Business