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How To Start A Business On A Shoestring

This tutorial shows you how to start a business on a shoestring. The information in this business tutorial is free

Following this tutorial will allow you to do the following:

..You can start a business with just a website host.

..You don't have to pay to register a domain or company name.

..You do not have to hire web designers, technical consultants or any third party to set your website or your business.

..You can start a drop shipping business and sell any product that can be dropshipped, you can sell affiliate programs, you can sell anything that is listed on, you can sell information, and you can make money by writing about something that you know well.

..You can set your business up without having to be technically savvy.




Savvy Internet marketers do not rely on one stream of income because they know that markets and products change. They set up multiple streams of income using simple systems. And because they set up many income streams, the do not spend a lot of money to set up a business.

As a matter of fact, full of the most part, they spend only money necessary to register a domain for that business.

This is how they do it.

It is simple and cheap. They choose a website host that offers Fantastico and and base their systems on the WordPress blog system which they modify to use as websites and product logs.

In this tutorial will show you how a start with one business the way they do and then how do you add additional streams of income for the cost of only a domain name.

The process is extremely simple and extremely effective.

What You Need To Start Your Business

Every business starts with a website host and domain name. You can have many income streams and businesses, but you need only one website host.

Critical to using the system is the choice of your website host. You are not limited to the website host that you can choose but you should choose a website host that offers the "cpanel" with the "Fantastico" service.

And if you choose the right website host you will get your first domain name free. So the only thing that you have to pay for to get started is the website host.

The website host will cost you, generally, less than $10 per month. And the right website host will allow you to have as many businesses as you want online without charging you anything additional. So, by way of example, if you decided to eventually set up 10 streams of income, each one of them will only cost you one dollar per month for hosting.

You will base everything on the WordPress blog system. It and the required database come free with the hosting service. And you can modify it to make a website or a product blog. Or you can use it simply to make money blogging.


Choose your company name or keyword phrase that you want to target and check whether that domain name is available. You can check if your company name or that keyword phrase is available by going to this link. How To Check If A Domain Name Is Available

After you have checked that the name or keyword phrase is available, choose a website host that will give you the domain name free and offers the Fantastico service. Here are some choices. There are more but these three are good starting points.. Choose the one you wish or find others.

Web Hosts

Sign up with the chosen hosting service and when you do, get your domain name ( the one you found in the first step ) free.

Go to the Fantastico section and set up a blog. Information about setting up a blog using Fantastico can be seen at this link. How To Set Up A Blog

If you wish to dropship a product, set up a product blog for that particular product. Information about product logs can be found at this link. Product Blog

If you wish to sell and e-commerce store, use this WordPress plug-in and modify your WordPress system according to the instructions. WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

If you just wish to make money using a sentence and blogging, modify the theme to an Adsense theme and start editing posts.


The Drop Ship Guide

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Video Tutorials On Setting Up And Using WordPress.

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Dropship Directories

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