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How To Start An Amber Jewelry Business

About starting an amber jewelry business step by step using wholesale amber suppliers.

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How to start an amber jewelry business step by step using wholesale amber suppliers.

Let us preface this page on starting an amber business by recommending that you be sure to go through our free tutorial series on starting a business. You can find the free tutorials on starting a business at Starting A Business

To sell amber, an inventory is necessary.

People buy what they see. Two thirds of the people search online and buy offline.

If you do not have inventory, you will miss most of the buyers who leave you and go to someone who has inventory.

The more inventory that you have, the more you can sell. And the more repeat customers you will have.

There is a lot of counterfeit amber out there. People are very wary. They will buy if they see the product

If you have inventory, you can sell both wholesale and retail. Be sure to look at our video about Small Business Distribution.

If you are selling wholesale, if you do not have inventory, you do not present any value ads to the retailer and they will not buy. If you have inventory they will consider you serious.

You do not need a store to sell what you have in inventory. Amber manufacturers generally keep their inventory in plastic refrigerator containers and sell from small suitcases. The product sells. The store does not.

Here is a picture of how a manufacturer presents his wares to sellers. Experienced buyers like the woman in the second picture, an owner of a chain of jewelry stores, like to buy this way because they can pick through the pieces and choose exactly what they want.

display of wholesale amber
buying amber wholesale


You do not have have a storefront if you have an inventory. You can run your business out of a briefcase, be like a manufacturer and use plastic containers, sandwich bags and sell off a desk.

You can meet your customers in a coffee shop.

You can even meet them in your own home. That is common in the industry in Poland when professional buyers come here.

What is of interest to the customer is that the customer sees the amber and can be sure that it is real.


Although amber manufacturers sell their amber from plastic refrigerator containers and sandwich bags that they take to appointments in hand luggage, you can use a briefcase, if you wish. You do not need any more than that. Just dress well and know your product.

amber catalogs

Suggested Amber Business Models

With that firmly in mind here are some suggested businesses.


Selling Amber To Other Retailers

This is perhaps the easiest business that you can start. The only thing that you need is some inventory and the ability to contact people who might be interested in selling amber.

You can sell to the jewelry store owners, retailers with jewelry departments, gift shops, people who sell on eBay, people who attend trade shows and flea markets, people who need it product to sell for fund-raisers, and people who run home parties just to name a few.

Be sure to look at our video about Small Business Distribution.

These other people who will typically not buy amber and silver jewelry directly from the factory. All that you have to do is show them the product that you have in your inventory and is highly likely that you will make sales. It is also highly likely that you will not have enough inventory to satisfy their needs. But because you show the product you will have to establish credibility and will be possible to take orders for four more product.

Another way to approach this is to offer to leave the product with them to be sold on a commission. In effect you go when for a partnership arrangement with them where you provide product and they provide the selling. Because you have made the investment in the products you make most of the profit. You can pay them 10 to 20% on sales. Of course, you may negotiate a higher or lower commission.

If you work this business is right and develop 10 to 20 retailers who sell $500 in jewelry each month you can develop a very good business that does not take a lot of work.

But the thing that it does take is an initial investment in inventory.

The easiest way to get started in this business is look at the natural Baltic amber. If you buy at kilogram of the natural Baltic amber your investment is a little over 500 euro plus the costs of import. Because each piece is relatively light weight, you get a lot of amber for a low investment. Once again you can see it here. Natural Baltic Amber


Attend Shows And Fairs

amber booth one amber business two amber retailer

Amber and silver jewelry is very attractive. When you put up a display at a show or fair you will find that the people stop to look. As to display the natural Baltic amber along with earrings and a certain amount of bracelets and brooches, you will make sales.

Here are some pictures of some booths that people put up. Notice the large amount of natural Baltic amber hanging and notice the number of people at the booth. They use the Natural Baltic Amber to attract people to buy not only it but also silver and amber jewelry and anything else that they have in the booth. Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

Amber At Home Parties

You do not have to hold home parties to make money with silver and amber jewelry. The easiest thing for you to do is find people who hold the party's and provide amber for them. Once again if you find a few people's hold in the parties you will have regular customers who can build for you a substantial monthly income.

You can, of course, run your own home parties. And if you have a home party business adding a selection of jewelry will give you more opportunities to increase your sales.


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Amber Catalogs - There are on line catalogs for several amber companies in the link at the end of this paragraph. Catalogs for Amber and Silver Jewelry on CD are available FREE for established amber jewelry buyers. If you are not an established amber jewelry buyer, you may get catalogs on CD for the cost of the CD plus shipping and handling.

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