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Getting Your Drop Shipping Business Started

If you have not done so, we recommend strongly that you subscribe to the free drop ship business course that gives you tutorials on drop shipping. You can get it by clicking here. That is the best thing to do to get your business started right.

Your first experiences in a new venture will set your attitude and your attitude determines whether or not you will be successful. Success comes from good old fashioned hard work and that requires you to want to work; even if you use drop shipping. So let's try to get you, a potential drop shipper, off on the right drop shipping foot.

You are going to build two businesses - yours and ours - at the same time. We are really partners in sales and our success is inseparable. If you make sales and create a successful business, so do we. So we will provide you good product and training. You provide the sales channel. We provide the drop ship products.

You are going into business. Success depends on effort and commitment to your plan. You must have a plan and a commitment to work that plan. You must work and spend a little money to get set up. It does not take a lot of money. But it does take a lot of commitment. Even if you only work 2 hours per day in the evening at your home computer, you must make a commitment to work that two hours and you must make it an effective two hours.

There is nothing free in this world. You get what you pay for. You have to spend time, money and effort. If you are unwilling to do any one of these, you should not go into business. But if you can spend a little time, a little money and a lot of commitment, you can succeed. And the internet makes it easy to do.

We are spending time with you and spending a lot of money to pay people, for inventory and for the services supporting this program. We have made our commitment. Now we ask you to make your own commitment to success. How you do that, only you can decide. But you must make a decision to succeed. That is all it really takes.

Enough of the basics of life! Let's get your sales channel started. You have to set up your infrastructure. The heart of any business is the "infrastructure". It's how you do things, the day to day nuts and bolts methods by which you conduct business. If you are involved with a business that sells a product, then the infrastructure that you setup to conduct that business is going to be a key element in your success. To be successful you should pay attention to your infrastructure before you start.

The costs and efficiency of your infrastructure determine, in part, the degree of your success. So do take the time and plan.

Drop shipping allows you to operate efficiently and inexpensively. Above all it allows you concentrate on selling. Because you essentially have a limitless inventory that you can sell, you can spend all your time selling.

Drop shipping allows you to operate significant business from your home computer. It becomes the base of your infrastructure and you add only those other necessaries, such as your computer with an internet connection, to run an efficient operation from anywhere in the world.


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Moving Forward

Assuming that you have decided to use drop shipping as part of your sales process, you have to pick the products that you want to sell.

It is at this point that most people have difficulty. They either do not know where to find the products or they want to sell too many things at once. As we see it from here, that is generally a result of not having a clear vision of their business plan.

Additionally many of these people have problems because they want to start up a business using everything that is free. And that just does not work. Yes, you can work on a low budget. But getting everything for nothing is simply traveling down the road to nowhere. As one travels down that road, one finds that it is a very expensive road.

You have to ask yourself if becoming a drop shipper is your goal or if your goal is really to earn money and drop shipping is merely a tool to allow you to do that. I expect that drop shipping is merely a tool.

If your main interest is in earning money, even if you want to use drop shipping, there are some basics that you should fully understand. And if you understand them, you can start earning money almost immediately with a budget of under $30.