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Starting A Business

About starting a business and the Chamber of Commerce business library.

Starting a business is easy. Finding products to sell is easy. Spending a lot of money to set up your business is easy. Making money is hard.

Before you read through all the detail below, may we suggest strongly that you subscribe to one or more of our free tutorials that take you into a lot more detail. Free Tutorials

This section is dedicated to helping you get the necessary background information that is necessary for you to get started right and to improve your chances of success.

The sections here each target starting a business from many different angles. There is a lot of material covered. It is not arranged in any special order. For the most part, however, it is best for you first look through the list to see if anything is of particular interest to you. And then start at the top and work down through the list. The more you read the better off you are because you will have a better background.



Starting a business is just the first step. Once you have it set up you need customers. And that is the hard part. In other sections of this Chamber web site there is information about getting customers and getting them to send you more.

We encourage you to start a business but at the same time we admonish you to not start it unless you are fully informed and ready to do what you have to do. And that means investing money and time in your business.

So you are invited to read through all this material to get enough background to make a considered and well informed decision.

drop ship distribution


Costs To Set Up An Online Store

Because there are so many different ways one can approach setting up an online business or online store, it is not practical to provide cost estimates for every one of them. But in an attempt to give you a base line for comparison, in this page we discuss the cost to build an online store using the Yahoo Small Business system.


Work At Home Business Links


This page links to real work at home business opportunities. Use it to save time and find the type home business that suits your desires and style. The links here are varied and represent a collection of opportunities that we think will interested most people.


Your Own Online Store


If you are going to sell online, you are going to need a store. Before you start your business, see what it takes.


Ten Most Common Mistakes Made By Small Businesses On The Internet


Does any of this apply to you?


Dealing With Business Customers


Dealing with customers requires you to be properly set up. Get information here.


Products For Boutiques And Gift Shops

Start by using a good selection of products that are already market tested and that are easy for you to sell.


Your own store on line can improve your business on line and off line.


Your own store online is an essential part of any businesses public relations and sales program. It can make the difference between success and failure. Savvy internet marketers have their own stores in different places on the web. Some stores offer many products while others work in a niche market. The adjust their stores to the market demand and the type buyers in certain market segments.


Online Stores And Promotion


You will have a higher chance at succeeding if you use an established system to set up your online business. Established systems give you a plan, process and good tools. In the long run such systems are less expensive to set up and maintain. And the promotion and training help that you get are extremely valuable free additions.


This is where you can learn how to drop ship, get products to be drop shipped, get products to sell on eBay and to deliver using drop shipping, and to become either a distributor selling to retailers or drop ship retailer.


Business Information


This is a business information library that gives you a checklist of things that you should consider when you are thinking about starting a business on the internet.

Top Reasons To Sell Wholesale


Wholesalers make more money easier and faster. And here are 10 reasons why.


Selling Without Inventory


Sell without inventory, increase the number of products that you sell in your shop without increasing your inventory, sell hundreds of products on Ebay without ever having to handle anything, sell hundreds of products from a home computer in a corner of your room. Don't get involved in shipping, don't handle goods, don't put up with breakage and theft and all the other hassles of having a hard goods business. Use drop shipping.


Books Of Interest To Importers


Visit this library.


Your Yahoo Store


There are two ways to approach setting up your store. The first is by using brute force and setting up the store without doing extra work and planning. The second is to buy a book, read, plan and then set up your store.


Wholesale Drop Ship Supplier For eBay


EBay drop shipping is very popular and can be very profitable. And if you are going to drop ship on eBay it is important that you find a drop ship supplier that will not only give you products for drop shipping on eBay but will provide you the necessary support services that will help you increase your profits from drop shipping on eBay.


About Selling Christmas Ornaments


If you choose high quality, unique ornaments, you can have a year round business. Selling common Christmas ornaments is seasonal and the business is denominated by the large retailers. But high quality ornaments sell all year round and the business is dominated by small businesses. Big businesses can't afford to even try to compete in the high end Christmas ornament market. So for a small business, choosing to sell these products is a wise choice.


How To Start A Business Selling Imported Products


This gives you some detailed information about what you have to do to start an import export business. It relates not only to Polish products, but all imported products in general.


You can make more money selling to people who want to have a business opportunity faster and easier.


About Starting An Amber Business


People buy what they see. Two thirds of the people search online and buy offline. If you do not have inventory, you will miss most of the buyers who leave you and go to someone who has inventory.


How To Get Free Advertising By Using craigslist


If you are involved in a home business or selling on the web you should consider using craigslist to get free advertising. Also use it as and alternative to eBay because it is free and you avoid the eBay fees.


Sell More By Concentrating On Local Sales


Your greatest potential for sales is to your local market.


Using Yahoo Groups


You can make a full-time living by posting to Yahoo Groups. The process is very simple and requires very little effort on your part.


Start Your Business With A Good Foundation


The following is a summary of tutorials and information about starting a business.


Business Information


This is a business information library that gives you a checklist of things that you should consider when you are thinking about starting a business on the internet.




What Is A Domain


You will learn in this web page what a domain name this. You will get first a full explanation of a domain name in non technical terms presented in such a fashion that it is understandable for someone who has no background in computers or the Internet.


Getting Indexed


To make your web site most effective you should have it included in many of the hundreds of search engines that can send you customers from all over the world. But realistically speaking because there are so many search engines that you will spend hundreds of hours first in finding the search engines and second in adding your data.


Getting Started Drop Shipping


If you have not done so, we recommend strongly that you subscribe to the free drop ship business course that gives you tutorials on drop shipping.


Starting a Jewelry Business


This covers the basics of starting a jewelry business. It is a good starting point for someone who wants to start a lucrative business.



Protecting Against Fraud


When you start a business you will have to learn how to protect yourself against fraud. Buyer fraud and seller fraud are commonplace on the Internet. But buyer of fraud is, by far, the bigger problem. Protect yourself by knowing your customer and implementing safe business practices.