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Polish Wholesale Suppliers List

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Contact Polish factories and other wholesle product suppliers directly using our direct factory contact system. Post details of what you want and the information is provided to Polish producers. If a factory can supply you, they will contact you directly.

Requests For Quotation

This Chamber provides a free service matching service for Polish companies and buyers that wish to contact them. You may use that service to get prices and catalogs. And you can do more.

Your request can be for a product, service, subcontract services, or assistance. Offers to sell products entered in this system are immediately deleted. Use the Request For Quotation form that you find by going to Polish Product Information Center.



Selected Categories

The links below take you to the most popular items that are exported from Poland. Because they are so popular we have provided special links to them here.



Alternative Medicine




Jewelry Made In Poland


Oil Lamps

Salt Lamps