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To Contact Factories Directly And To Get Catalogs And Price Lists, Go To Polish Product Information Center

Wholesale Products For Small Companies

Please read the information about wholesale products for small companies at Wholesale Products.

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How Polish Pottery Is Made

Watch the Polish manufacturing process shown in videos inside main Boleslawiec factories.

How To Be A Drop Ship Supplier

Learn how to make money while everyone else does all the work by being a drop ship supplier.

Polish Pottery Outlet

Where to find and how to set up your own Polish pottery outlet.

Polish Pottery Clay

About the unique clay that is used to make Polish pottery from Boleslawiec Poland.

Polish Pottery Painting

How Polish Pottery is painted in video and with text commentary.

Polish Pottery Festival

About the open air pottery market where you can buy factory direct and take Polish pottery factory tours.

Lyme Disease In Poland

Tick borne diseases, including Lyme Disease are prevalent in Poland.

Wholesalel Flea Market Merchandise

Find Drop Shippers

Free Telephone Calls

Distributors Wanted

Oil Lamps By Rogi

Wholesale Drop Shipping

Wiza Factory

Polish Product Videos

Drop Ship Manufacturers List

Raw Amber Stones

About raw amber stones of Natural Baltic amber from Poland.

How Many Pallets Fit In A Container

The number of pallets in a container depends on the pallet sizes loaded into the container. If the container is loaded with only europallets, a 20 foot container holds 11 pallets in one tier. If it is loaded with standard pallets, it will hold 9 pallets.

What We Do

What We Can Do



Wholesale Amber Jewelry

what we do



Wholesale Jewelry

Drop Ship Manufacturers List

Sandstone Veneer

This is a unique patented sandstone veneer manufactured in Poland.

Trade Fairs Poland

The lastest information and help for trade fairs in Poland.

Salt Construction Materials

Wholesale salt construction materials from Poland.


Poland Travel Tips

Safety and convenience travel tips for enjoying your travet to and in Poland.

Salt Lamps Gallery - Salt lamps from Poland are made with the care and pride of centuries old traditions in Salt carving. This page shows a variety of views of the various salt lamps that you can use to decorate your home.

About Lamps - Salt has been used many ways. It has been used as a food additive, conservative and tanning solution. Salt was as valuable as gold in some countries and was sometimes used as a monetary unit. It was noted for its health enhancing qualities and used in medical procedures. Man even created vast under-ground sanatoriums such as those in the mines of Bochnia and Wieliczka, the resort at Ciechocinek, Poland.

European Salt Lamps - The original salt lamps were created as a matter of necessity in the Salt Mines of Europe. The mines, being deep and dark, required some form of light. The European miners who worked the mines found that salt candles were very effective in lighting the mines. The original European salt lamps were filled with both oil and tallow candles. Making them for the mines became a profession in itself.

Ionization Get The Facts - We spend most of our lives in enclosed places. Our frame of mind and physical condition depend on the composition of the air that we breath. Air is electrically charged, which means it contains in definite proportions, positively charged molecules (positive ions) and negatively charge molecules (negative ions). Scientific research has shown that their balance is required to create a good mood. Computers screens, air-conditioning, and TV sets are sources of surplus positive ions in the air. These devices make an electrical smog that can lead to bad moods, weakness and sleeplessness. We must add negative ions to the atmosphere to achieve a balance in the air and neutralize the electrical smog around our homes and work places.

Aromatherapy - Aroma therapy is a natural way to health and maintaining your well-being. Aroma therapy is really an ancient secret that was essentially rediscovered by modern alternative health practitioners. Aroma therapy is a popular, enjoyable and effective way to help maintain and enhance well-being, health and beauty and lifestyle. Aroma therapy has been successful in the treatment of many conditions, ranging form muscular to skin, digestive to respiratory problems.

Asthma Cure Chamber - Europeans cure asthma using the time honored method of speleotherapy. This asthma cure is well known in Europe and thought of highly because of its success rate.

Light Therapy - Europeans take a unique approach to light therapy. Since most european countries are at latitudes farther north than most, they are accustomed to long winter nights that compel them to think about light therapy almost all year around. Light therapy has become part of their daily lives. Not only do they consider corrective light therapy, they also practice preventative light therapy.

Wholesale Prices - Buy salt lamps wholesale and sell to a booming market. You may buy large quantities of salt lamps wholesale directly from the factory. You can buy wholesale from the factory or you can buy wholesale as a drop shipper. In this page you get various wholesale options to examine.

Polish Salt Lamp Library -

Buying Salt Lamps - This is a primer on buying Polish salt lamps wholesale and retail and at the best price so that you can sell it on eBay, in your shop or on your web site.

Salt Lamps Might Be Helpful In Curing Asthma - I am a diagnosed asthmatic. For years I lived with my inhalers in my pocket. I could not talk on the phone without coughing. I had frequent asthma attacks that made for some very embarrassing situations in business meetings, at concerts and with the family. I lived in New England.

Salt Lamps Main Page

Salt Lamp Catalog of Pictures - Salt lamps come in a variety of shapes for various forms. You can get raw crystal, pyramids, balls, cubes, mushrooms, candle holders, aromatic dispensers and lanterns. Hand sculptured salt crystal lamps with relief carvings of signs of the zodiac, animals and monograms are also available.

Asthma Cure Testimonia

I am a diagnosed asthmatic. For years I lived with my inhalers in my pocket. I could not talk on the phone without coughing. I had frequent asthma attacks that made for some very embarrassing situations in business meetings, at concerts and with the family. I lived in New England.

Christmas Ornaments Warsaw

About and where to buy Christmas ornaments in Warsaw.

Warsaw National Stadium

About and how to get to the Warsaw National Stadium.

Poland News And Weather Contact

How to contact us related to any Polish news or weather item.

Poland Weather Forecast

This page lists the places that you can get the weather forecasts for Poland.

Poland Weather In October

Expected Poland weather in October with links to current weather forecasts.

Poland Weather In

Below is information in text and video related to Poland Weather in each of the months of the year.

Warsaw Capital Ciy Poland

The Capital City of Poland Warsaw in a video and much more added information about Warsaw Poland.

Companies List

A complete list of companies in an international business directory plus listings for Polish companies.

Using Skype In Business

It makes no matter what business you run or how you sell. Customers expect to see a business phone number on your web site.

Business Phone

For our main business phone we use Skype because it offers us some very useful tools. And it is cheap. Based on our experience, here is a discussion of Skype and some recommendations for your business phone number.

Poland City Maps

In this page is a complete list of maps for cities in Poland plus information packages available for people interested in visting Poland.

Choosing Hotels In Warsaw

About and how to choose hotels in Warsaw.

Warsaw Panorama

This page contains a video that gives you a panorama of Warsaw made from the top of the Palace of Culture.

Arrival Warsaw

About your arrival in Warsaw and things that should concern you.

Medical Services In Poland

About medical services in Poland and how to get medical help if you need it.

Visiting Warsaw

Tips and hints for visiting Warsaw to get the most out of your trip.

Shopping In Warsaw

About shopping in Warsaw with videos showing places to shop.

Poland Train Travel

This page is about train travel in Poland.

What Is Libelous?

When you express an opinion, you may subject yourself to a lawsuit. You should know what is libelous.

Increase Sales By Drop Shipping

How to increase your sales by drop shipping for others. This information applies to small, local shops as well as factories.

Start Import Export Business

This page gives you guidance and help in starting your import export business.

Email Filtering

The process of email filtering is more common than many people know.

Your Image On The Internet

This article is written in an attempt to explain to business people the importance of image and how easy it is to create a bad image on the internet. It may or may not apply to you. But it is information that you should have.

Be Own Boss

Turn to the internet to be your own boss. The Internet provides you many opportunities to have your own business.

Make Money

The key to making money with a website is to use its full potential. Every visitor is a potential customer. A visitor is like a person who walks into the door of a store. If the customer comes, sell something or do something that brings the customer back so that you have another chance to sell.

Home Business

When pursuing a home business opportunity, go slowly and do your homework.

Baltic Amber

Natural Baltic Amber is a gemstone. And it is copied and imitated. If you have not studied the various type ambers and how they are used and modified,

Wholesale Drop Ship Supplier For eBay

Where and how to get a reliable wholesale drop ship supplier for drop shipping on eBay.

Import Export On Amazon

Most read import export books on Amazon.

Drop Shipping Sources

Finding products to buy wholesale for drop shipping is not difficult. You can contact companies directly and make drop shipping arrangements with them or you can use some of the drop shipping industry directories. For most people, including someone who is interested in starting a business, the drop ship directories provide a convenient way to get access to hundreds of thousands of products that can be drop shipped. If you run an established mail order catalog operation or major web site, you may have special requirements for drop shipping. Those can be made for you on special arrangement.

Top Ten Opportunities

Review the top ten business opportunities in this page.

Work At Home Opportunities

About legitimate work at home business opportunities.

Books And Reports

This is a directory page that contains links to many books and reports recommended by this chamber.

Watch Business Opportunities

Distributing watches is an excellent way to make money. In this page are the details of this business opportunity. This particular opportunity focuses on pocket watches and watches that can be worn around ones neck on a chain.


This page describes watches provided as a sample pack as detailed at the page Watch Business Opportunity.

Boleslawiec Polish Pottery WR

The actual name of this factory in Boleslawiec Poland is WR Ceramika. It is more commonly known as WR Unikat.

Amber And Silver Jewelry

Polish amber and silver and amber jewelry are famous the world over. It is some of the most creative jewelry that one can find. Carved amber pieces that are millions of years old can adorn everything from necklaces to silver jewelry clocks. Amber and silver jewelry creations come in many varied styles. The modern european style amber and silver jewelry made by smaller producers that have to process each piece very carefully are in very high demand. The artists produce their amber and silver jewelry for a limited number of clients who keep them very busy.

Best Polish Pottery Price

This page discusses how you can get the best prices when you buy Polish pottery. It gives you tips hands and procedures to follow.

Business Planning Guide

This page gives you access to a business plannning guide and financial forecast example for your business plan.

List Of Buyers

A list of buyers who want to buy Polish products.

Rules For Contacting Buyers

This page tells you how to contact buyers through the Poland Chamber List Of Buyers.

Hand Made Slippers

This page describes handmade slippers and other handmade footwear that originate in the Tatra Mountain Region Of Poland.



Help Starting A Business

Buy Polish Products


Free Business Training

Major Gift Program

A gift shop chain of over 240 shops around the United States is seeking new sources of quality gifts to be added to its chain. It has requested of the Poland Chamber its help in finding products to be placed in its gift shops.


Portable Tables

A source of manufacturer supplied portable tables from Poland and how to order them.

Portable Folding Tables

About portable folding tables, factory direct, made by a Polish manufacturer of high quality furniture.

Portable Work Tables

This page is about portable work tables available wholesale, directly from the manufacturer in Poland.

Folding Tables

Information about folding tables manufactured in Poland and how to buy them factory direct.

Bench Vise

A portable bench vise made in Poland for the DIY market.

Glass Catalog

If you have read the information about how to order glass at How To Order Glass, you understand the importance of glass catalogs.

How To Build Your Own Yahoo Store

There are two ways to approach setting up your store. The first is by using brute force and setting up the store without doing extra work and planning. The second is to buy a book, read, plan and then set up your store.

Polish Salt Lamps Art

This page gives you information about Polish salt lamps and the artwork that you find only in Polish salt lamps. The salt lamp originated in the salt mines of Poland where it actually started as a piece of art and where you can see some of the most beautiful artwork in the world.

Drop Shipping European Union

Drop Shipping is not generally available within Europe, or more specifically, within the European Union because of the European Union tax laws.

Catalog Showroom

This is an opportunity for both wholesale and retail sales out of a catalog showroom. The catalog showrooms shown here are successful and profitable.

Start Drop Shipping Business

Your first experiences in a new venture will set your attitude and your attitude determines whether or not you will be successful. Success comes from good old fashioned hard work and that requires you to want to work; even if you use drop shipping. So let's try to get you, a potential drop shipper, off on the right drop shipping foot.

Zawiercie Crystal Glasses

Crystal glasses are the in the forefront of your visitors eyes. And these glasses are what you want them to see. These glasses are famous the world over.

Cost To Set Up Online Store

Because there are so many different ways one can approach setting up an online business or online store, it is not practical to provide cost estimates for every one of them. But in an attempt to give you a base line for comparison, in this page we discuss the cost to build an online store using the Yahoo Small Business system.

Wholesaler Jobs

There are many opportunities for wholesaler jobs. Such a job is not easy. But the rewards can be high.

Polish pottery wiza

This is a series of pictures taken by our Polish Pottery expert, Katarzyna (Kate) Swiatek, on one of her frequent visits to Boleslawiec and the factory Wiza.

Advertisers For Your Website Or Blog

We are part of an ad network that will pay you to put advertisers on your site.

Start Import Export Business Plan

This is a business plan outline for starting a small business selling imported Polish products. If you want to be your own boss, this is one of the easiest ways to make it so.

Manufactura Polish Pottery Catalog

Stoneware Factory Manufaktura in Boleslawiec is one of the leading producers of hand-made Polish pottery.

Buy Polish Pottery

Anyone can buy pottery directly from Poland at wholesale prices. You do not have to be in business. All that you have to do is meet the order minimums.


Amber Succinic Acid

Succinic Acid is another name for Amber Acid that has been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic and general curative for centuries.

How To Call Poland

This page tells you how to call Poland free or, at the very least, iinexpensively. The information is related to business calls as well a personal calls to Poland. And it shows you how to call Poland very inexpensively from your mobile phone.

Add Audio To Your Website, Ecommerce Store Or eBay Listings.

Poland Trade Help

It contains the important terms of service related to the Poland Trade help services.

Poland Chamber Services

As a private, non-government Chamber of Commerce, the Poland Chamber, Inc focuses on providing trade and training services. It is primarily a service chamber. Most services and information are free. Some are paid.


The mosaics shown in the video below are available for international distribution.

Pottery Catalogs

This is where you get copies of the various Boleslawiec Polish pottery company catalogs. The catalogs are full color catalogs that you may print either in color or black and white. You may also view them directly on your computer.

Polish Pottery Catalogs

You may download electronic copies of the main Polish pottery factory catalogs through this chamber website. Information about those Polish pottery catalogues is in the remainder of this page.

Amber Jewelry Wholesale

In wholesale buying particular pieces, you will get price lists that show an approximate finished weight of a product and a price per gram for that particular piece. The final price that you will pay will be determined by the final finished weight.

Amber Decorated Crystal Glass

A product that is unique to Poland is the amber and crystal glass and amber and Krosno glass that is hand decorated in northern Poland just outside the amber capital of the world, Gdansk.

How To Sell Jewelry To Stores

Selling Amber to stores is a way of setting up multiple streams of income. And setting up multiple streams of income is a very smart way to ensure a good income from your business

Marketing Plan Template

Your marketing plan template will be different for something that you market on the Internet as compared to something that you market off-line. This page focuses on a marketing plan template for an online business.

How To Make A Website For Free

With a large number of the websites that you see in the search engines were made free. This page tells you how you can make your own website free.

Display Amber

This page shows some examples of how to display Natural Baltic Amber. The displays shown are those used by some successful sellers. They range from Kiosks to tents.

Product Blog

If you have ANY business on the internet, you need a product blog.

Wholesale Amber Business Checklist needs resources

This is a checklist of those items that you should be sure to look at as you go forward with your wholesale Amber business.

Business Plans Needs upgrads

Your First Website

From the first day that you consider starting a business you have to be concerned about branding. And branding will have a significant impact on your marketing program and ultimately your success.

How To Sell Amber Wholesale

No business of selling Amber and Amber and silver jewelry wholesale is all about building trust and relationships. Your goal should be to create trust and relationships rather than to sell Amber. Once you create a good relationship you will not have to sell Amber. The customer will buy.

Amber Sales Booth

This page shows some simple ways to display amber for mall and outdoor sales from a small booth or kiosk.

Business Plan

Simple business plans are plans that go a long way toward making a business survive. In fact, they are really the key to survival. Most people avoid writing them because they can be tedious. This page gives you some help in writing your plan and adds a few words about some additional business planning considerations.

Ebay Selling Tip complete from ebay/ebayselling

Products To Sell

This page discusses products to sell. It covers Polish products as well as other products that you can find from international companies that are available for and drop shipping. And it discusses what to do if you represent a large company and are looking for Polish products.

About Drop Shipping

This page discusses drop shipping of Polish products and drop shipping in general. It also discusses what does Chamber of Commerce does to support people interested in drop shipping.

Luxury Sinks Stone

The stone sinks in this page are for those who need or want not just a sink made of stone but a luxury product.

Mosaic Tiles Onyx

This page offers you mosaic tiles made from onyx. These tiles are available wholesale and retail.

Luxury Sinks

This page contains information about luxury sinks. They are available wholesale and retail.


Amber Pendants And Earrings

Polish Amber manufacturers make many sorts of Amber pendants and earrings. They range from the standard cast and production pieces to custom and unique works of art.

Amber Order Minimum

About the order minimums when ordering amber jewelry from factories in Poland.

Grave Lights

This page discusses the grave lights that you can get from Polish companies and the process of getting those grave lights wholesale.

Gel Candles

This page provides gel candle information, some sample pictures and the ability to contact factories directly to buy gel candles wholesale.

Grave Candles

Poland supplies many varieties of grave candles to Europe and beyond. This page shows some examples of what is available and gives you the ability to contact candle manufacturers directly.

Decorated Wood Boxes

Poland is a major supplier of decorated wood boxes. This page gives you information about ordering wood boxes wholesale.

Business Planning Guide

This page gives you access to a business plannning guide and financial forecast example for your business plan.

Top Money Making Businesses

This page discusses to money making businesses that are not only top choices among professional marketers but also are within the reach of most anyone who wants to make money on the web.

Search Engine Advertising

This search engine advertising page provides small business owners the materials that they need to first understand the mechanics of search engine advetising, the benefits and finally how to use it effectively.

Online Advertising Newspapers

The advertising opportunity related to advertising your online and offline business in newspapers is something you should consider strongly.

Postcard Marketing

Post card marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales through your web site. Postcard marketing in simple, fast and proven. The use of postcards can make the difference in your internet sales program.

Polish Product Dropshipers

This page discusses drop shipping Polish products and where to find a source of products manufactured in Poland to drop ship.

Candles By Rak

n the video below you see a presentation of candles made in Poland. It contains a series of various candle collections.

Amber Aroma Therapy

According to the historical record, amber aroma therapy is probably responsible for saving many lives during the times of the black plague in medieval Poland. The aroma therapy practiced at that time was unintentional in that it was a byproduct of amber workers' daily routine.

'Start Amber Business

Let us preface this page on starting an amber business by recommending that you be sure to go through our free tutorial series on starting a business.

Adam Jablonski Crystal

This video is one of a series that shows products by Adam Jablonski. The video is crafted to give you an overview of the products.

About Visiting Pottery Factories

If you plan to visit a Polish pottery factory to buy product, here are some things that you must keep in mind.

About Salt Lamps

Man has known about the benefits of salt for ages. And during the medieval times when prisoners were sent to the salt mines, man's knowledge about what salt and salt lamps could do advanced dramatically.

About The Author

Since his first introduction to computers in 1963 as a midshipman studying at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis Maryland, Gary Granai has been involved with application technology.


About Gary Granai

What Gary Granai has done in business and on the internet.


Christmas Ornaments Factory Direct

How to order factory direct and get the best prices.

Christmas Ornament Procurement

This page discusses Christmas Ornament Procurement services. The information is appropriate for those who are dealing with Polish Christmas ornaments the first time - ie: have no established relationship - and those who will order less than a container load of product at a time.

How To Order Glass

This page discussed how to order glass. The information here is particularly important because ordering glass can be quite frustrating. To a first time buyer from a factory, it is a circular process as well as somewhat of a shot in the dark.

Use Skype Effectively

There is a lot more to Skype than meets the eye. In this page is the information that you need to use Skype effectively. If you use Skype to your full benefit, you will find that you not only can save a lot of money, you will have flexibility not available with a standard land line or mobile phone.

Polish Linen

This page discusses Polish linen. Within the page are links to other pages in the Chamber website that get more specific as to the various categories and uses of linen that you find in Poland.

Polish Linen Fabric

Poland has a worldwide reputation for some of the finest linen products in the world. Not only is the linen of extremely high quality, the factories are very reliable.

Linen Tablecloths

There are generally two classes of Polish linen tablecloths. There are those linden tablecloths that are made commercially by the large factories in Poland. Then there are those that are handmade and hand decorated by many women in Poland.

Wholesale Price Lists

How to get wholesale price lists from factories and distributors and information about buying directly from factories.

Tradional Polish Costumes

This page contains a short video showing some of the tradtional Polish costumes and accessories that are sold in Poland.

You Must Show You Are Serious

To be taken seriously on the internet and in business, you must SHOW that you are serious. This page discusses the steps that you must take to be taken seriously.

Web Host Definition

A web host is a company, often known as an internet hosting service, that maintains files on their server for clients. Most provide many other services of which details of some are discussed below. The definition of web host, hosting company, and hosting service and ISP are very similar and for the most part, can be considered the same for the purposes of this discussion.

Top Money Making Businesses

This page discusses to money making businesses that are not only top choices among professional marketers but also are within the reach of most anyone who wants to make money on the web.

Response To Request For Quotation

Below are standard responses to common problems that we find with requests for quotation that have been submited through Request For Quotation

Request For Quotation

A Request For Quotation is a document submitted to a supplier, or group of suppliers, for the purpose of getting a bid or price on a specific product or project.

Personalized Custom Christmas Ornaments

You may have Christmas ornaments custom personalized for business or personal use. You can have pictures or text added to a ball.

How To Use Crystal Catalogs

This page gives you tips, hints and procedures to us the Polish Crystal Catalogs to your best benefit.

What Is A Domain

You will learn in this web page what a domain name this. You will get first a full explanation of a domain name in nontechnical terms presented in such a fashion that it is understandable for someone who has no background in computers or the Internet.

Polish Gateway Website

You make more money and make more sales with a gateway.


Advertising Rates

The advertising rates for the Poland Chamber, Inc.

Contact Page

Send Us Email. We will respond by email quickly with information.

Drop Ship Directories

There are several drop ship directories available on the market. This page lists those directories that have been found to be most useful. Each of them has its benefits and unique features. Each of them will do well by you.


eBay As A Buyers Search Engine

eBay is a buyers search engine and a sellers marketing tool. Savvy marketers know that in addition to being in all the named search engines, they should be in eBay because it sends them customers who are looking to buy.

Make Money On eBay

Are You Making Money On eBay? Have you ever stepped back to calculate the number of dollars per hour profit that you make on eBay? EBay gets its fixed share while you do all the work of communicating with the customers, taking money packing and shipping the product. Unfortunately, when most people calculate their pay per hour they find out that they are actually working to make eBay rich.

From Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec

Zaklady Boleslawiec Polish Pottery is one of the more well known Polish pottery manufacturers. In fact, many people just refer to this factory as Zaklady. Zaklady is, however, Polish for firm. There are many firms in Poland that use Zaklady in their formal name. The full name of the factory is Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec. In this page, we shall call it Zaklady Boleslawiec.

Wiza Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

Pottery from the Boleslawiec Region of Poland is among the most famous in the world. In this region that lies in Southern Poland, near the German border, there are many ceramics factories, including Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza, producing wonderful ceramic pottery from the famous Boleslawiec clay.


Zaklad Ceramiczny Stanislaw Wiza

Polish pottery by the factory Zaklad Ceraciczny Stanislaw Wiza is shown in the pictures below. Wiza is one of the more popular producers of Polish pottery because of the quality of its product and its reputation for reliable service. The pottery itself is, of course, beautiful.

Fabryka Naczyn Kamionkowych Manufaktura

Stoneware Factory Manufaktura in Boleslawiec is one of the leading producers of hand-made Polish pottery.

Manufaktura *

To be redone and redirected

Zaklady Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

The formal name of the factory is Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec . It is an old state owned factory that makes one of the most popular lines of Polish Pottery. One can say that this factory almost defines what the Boleslawiec region is today


WR Unikat Polish Pottery

The WR Unikat Factory makes a very popular line of Boleslawiec Polish Pottery. Information about WR Unikat, the product, catalogs and how to order it is in this page.

WR Polish Pottery Patterns

This page shows you some of the patterns that are available from the Boleslawiec Polish Pottery factory WR Unikat. Below the video is more information about the factory WR Unikat.

Procurement Services

Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement Specialists

The process of procurement outsourcing to a a Polish pottery industry expert or procurement specialist can be most beneficial to a company.

Decorative Globes

The decorative globes in this page are high quality, hand formed and hand colored glass from the Krosno region of Poland. The globes listed here are used as hanging planters, pond floaters and patio, trellis and plant and shrubbery hangers.

Kerosine Lamps

The kerosene lamps shown in this page and the video are new, high quality products from Poland. They are available wholesale only. The video gives you a quick presentation of just a sampling of the kerosene and oil lamps made by this manufacturer.

Hand Cut Crystal

This is exquisite, made to order, hand cut crystal stemware and other pieces of crystal art.Listed here are certain very popular items of stemware and other pieces. If you wish something special, it can be made for you.

Amber Resin

You must be careful in buying amber based on price alone because many amber pieces are fitted with amber resins and not natural baltic amber.

Garden Waterers And Gazing Globes

The history of Europe records that gazing globes attract fairies, and other wonderful garden spirits. Gazing globes mounted on hand made and creative artwork of metal and stone have added color and spirit to European gardens for centuries. Use gazing globes to add color to your garden, make your pond light and sprightly, keep water in your bird fountain or add that special lighting to your garden or walkway. You can add an electric bulb to the bulb and light your walkway or table. They can even be lighted and hung from the ceiling. (EU and UL approved wiring kits are available.)

Dropship Business

Sell without inventory, increase the number of products that you sell in your shop without increasing your inventory, sell hundreds of products on Ebay without ever having to handle anything, sell hundreds of products from a home computer in a corner of your room. Don't get involved in shipping, don't handle goods, don't put up with breakage and theft and all the other hassles of having a hard goods business. Use drop shipping.


Protect Against Fraud

Know your customer to protect against fraud. When you start a business you will have to learn how to protect yourself against fraud.

What Is A Legitimate Business

We get many questions related to "legitimate business". In this page we discuss it in basic terms and expand on other questions in other pages in this site.


Business Communications Procedures

How To Ensure That We Can Properly Communicate With You


Web Presence Definition

In any business environment, image is all important. It defines who you are and what you do. And it establishes your credibility. And when dealing on the web, it is no different. You have to define yourself and your company.



Raw Amber Stones

Information about the wholesale purchase of raw amber stones and tumble amber stones.

Wiza Boleslawiec Polish Pottery

Information about the Wiza factory in Poland.

Polish Christmas Ornaments By Silverado

About ordering Christmas Ornaments from the Polish factory Silverado.

Order Christmas Ornaments

About ordering Christmas Ornaments after June.

Carriages Horse Drawn

The horse drawn carriages, hand made, in Poland are some of the most well made and beautiful in the world. They are appreciated by horse carriage enthusiasts everywhere.

How Much Is The Shipping

First one must ask, "What you are asking?" What you mean by shipping? Do mean the actual bill for all the costs you will incur in getting the product from the seller to your designated location or just the transportation costs. Those are two different things

Shipping Costs

The issue of shipping one pallet of goods from Poland to a foreign country often causes confusion on the part of the buyer. This page contains an excerpt of an actual quotation for the shipping costs of two pallets of ceramics from Boleslawiec, Poland to Illinois, USA.


Are Drop Ship Directories Really Worth The Money? Here Is A Guide.

This question is often asked by many people hoping to start a new ecommerce site or simply adding drop shipping to an existing one. The answer to the question can be simply answered with another question: How much is your time and online business worth to you?

Top Ten Rules For Internet Commerce

Internet commerce grew 11% in 2009 while off line businesses failed. Here are some rules for Internet commerce.

Drop Ship Polish Pottery

You can drop ship Polish pottery by making arrangements with a distributor who is willing to ship to your customers and who is willing to sell single items to you at a discounted price.

Natural Baltic Amber Chips

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Skyp For Business

Free Skype text messaging does not tie up your computer with a lot of extras. And it is amazing how many people make contact with us for the first time using Skype text. Our ID is Polcham

Free Skype voice does require you to be at your computer and to use a headset with microphone. But it saves a lot of money and people who would not otherwise call us because they do not want to spend the money on a long distance call, do call us. In short, it increases our sales.

Trade, Business And Chambers of Commerce

A listing of trade chambers, business chambers and chambers of commerce in Poland.

Crystal Vases

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How To Contact Factory

Anyone can contact a factory by sending email, but getting a response is another thing. This page gives you recommendations on how to contact a factory.

About Using Free Email Accounts

Free email accounts are not business accounts. They are free stationary just like you get in a motel. They have the same image as free stationary and they provide advertising for the host just as free stationary provides advertising for the motel.


About Usine Public Email For Business

If you are using a public email service such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo and AOL for business you are hurting yourself. And if you do not believe that you are hurting yourself, you are kidding yourself.

Your Buying Trip To Poland

Should you spend the time and money to travel to Poland to visit Polish factories? In short, in most cases, it does not make economic sense. This page discusess the things that you should consider.

Christmas Ornament Catalogs

Polish Christmas ornament companies generally do not have printed Christmas ornament catalogs. Though a few, and emphasis is on few, might, most post information online and work personally with their clients as to the client's needs.

Award Winning Art Crystal

The crystal fruit made by Adam Jablonski is nothing short than equisite. In the video slideshow below shows a selection of the crystal fruit made by Mr. Jablonski in his art studio just outside Warsaw Poland.

Polish Candles By Rak

Hand made Polish candle collections. Includes a video presentation.

Crystal Catalogs

Get crystal catalogs to be able to submit a request for quotation.


Art Glass Fantazja By Apex

Art glass of the Fantazja line of hand decorated glass and just a small selection of the total offered by the company.


Distribute Polish Christmas Ornaments

A way to make money is to supply a product that is difficult to get. You can do that by distributing Polish Christmas ornaments.

Polish Art Glass By Rogi

From a small factory near Krosno, Poland comes this nice line of Polish art glass. Each piece is hand formed and hand colored using a unique glass fusing process.

Garden Globes, Plant Waterers And Lamps

The main page describing glass globes and how they are used.

Polish Art Glass - Handmade Art Glass.

Poland is famous for its small factories that make creative art glass. In this page you find information about the products from an art glass studio that makes an interesting line of high quality art glass.


Prices And Quantities

Factories expect that you estimate for them the amount of product that you will be buying before they give you a price.


Polish Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas ornaments in this page are collectors' pieces and gift items. They are perfect for Christmas gifts, baby showers, employee gifts and any occasion when you would like an unusual gift item. These Christmas ornaments come in many standard patterns. You may, however, order custom made ornaments.


How To Get Free Advertising On Craigslist

If you are involved in a home business or selling on the web you should consider using Craigslist to get free advertising. Also use it as and alternative to eBay because it is free and you avoid the eBay fees.

Crystal Distributor

How to start a business as a crystal distributor.


Natural Baltic Amber Chips

Chips from Natural Baltic Amber, because of their unique high content of succinic acid, have many uses.

About Buying Christmas Ornaments

Here is some basic information about buying Christmas ornaments from Poland. It should give you a brief overview of what is available, what is expected of you by the factories, and how you should approach buying Polish Christmas ornaments.

How To Order Polish Pottery

Steps and procedures to order Polish pottery.

Leather Boxes, Jewelry Boxes And Executive Gifts.

For executive gifts and a special all occasion gift, these boxes and desk items are unique.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page One

The Mazovian brand of Christmas Ornaments is a private brand. This is page one of the catalog of available ornaments.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page Two

This is page two of the catalog of Christmas ornament forms for the Mazovian Silver brand of ornaments.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page Three

This continues the series of catalog pages for the Polish Mazovian Silver Christmas Ornaments.

Mazovian Silver Forms Page Four

Here is the final page of the catalog of forms for the Mazovian Brand of Christmas ornaments.


Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Here is a collection of Christmas ornaments made from wood. Unlike the normal heavy bulky wood ornaments, these are light and refined because they are made from wood shavings.

Handmade Designer Purses And Hand Bags

For a unique product for your boutique, these top quality, hand made designer hand bags and purses from Poland offer you a unique opportunity.

Natural Baltic Amber Beeswax Candles For Beauty And Aromatherapy

Poland is famous for its Amber and for its creative people. It is a country of artists. The candles that you see here are an excellent example of what they can do.

Handmade Polish Christmas Ornaments

From a family owned Polish company comes this fine line of Christmas ornaments. You can choose from a wide selection of forms and balls as well have your own custom designs made.

Custom Christmas Ornaments

You may order custom made Christmas ornaments from factories in Poland. In this page we discuss some of the requirements that you must satisfy to get your ornaments made.

Polish Christmas Ornament Distributor

A way to make money is to supply a product that is difficult to get. You can do that by distributing Polish Christmas ornaments.

How To Sell Christmas Ornaments

If you choose high quality, unique ornaments, you can have a year round business. Selling common Christmas ornaments is seasonal and the business is denominated by the large retailers. But high quality ornaments sell all year round and the business is dominated by small businesses. Big businesses can't afford to even try to compete in the high end Christmas ornament market. So for a small business, choosing to sell these products is a wise choice.

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How To Be A Distributor

Poland has many distribution opportunities for you. There are many Polish firms that have beautiful products but very little international distribution.

You have the opportunity to introduce their products into your region. And make a good amount of money in the process. So why not consider the opportunity?

Be An eBay Product Supplier

People want to sell on eBay. They need products. And there are many products that they could sell but to which they do not have access. Had they a supplier, they would sell.

Polish Product Distributors

This page gives you links to companies that sell Polish products wholesale and retail. These are not factory contacts but rather people who are jobbers, wholesalers and retailers.

Polish Pottery Factories

About and direct links to Polish pottery factories.

Polish Salt Lamps

About Amber And Types Of Amber

Amber Prices

Reasonable Amber Prices

Raw Amber

How To Order Amber

Amber Frequently Asked Questions

Amber Real Fake Or Counterfeit

Fake Amber With Insects

Amber Cabochons

Amber Beads

Value Added Tax

Baby Teething Necklaces

Tincture Of Amber

Amber Powder

Amber Oil

Aromatherapy Using Amber

Amber Buying Trip

Amber Buying Service

Start An Amber Business

Amber Catalogs

Amber Road

How To Become A Distributor

Information about how to become a distributor and what products you can distribute. Includes a video on the topic.

Shot And Vodka Glasses In Polish Crystal

The video below scrolls you through a selection of shot and vodka glasses that are made of hand formed and hand cut Polish crystal.

Crystal Glass Beer Tankards

The beer glasses and tankards shown in this video page are high quality, hand formed and hand cut crystal glass made in Poland. They are available wholesale only from this factory.

Crystal Bar Glasses

In the video below you will see a selection of hand formed, hand cut bar glasses that are manufactured in Poland.

Shipping Small Orders From Poland

About Polish Products For Boutiques And Gift Shops

Amber And Silver Decorated Glass

Small Business Distribution

You can increase your sales by selling wholesale to small businesses that either cannot afford to or do not wish to import products.

Small Business Drop Shipping

How you can get involved as a drop shipper.

Glass Ornament Gift Items



Hand Painted Glass

Colored Crystal

Art Crystal

Books Recommended For Starting A Business On The Internet

Planning on the internet is key to your success. This is a list of books.

Response To Request For Quotation

This page provides the standard responses to requests for quotation.

If You Are In Business, Act Like You Are In Business

There are certain expectations of someone who holds himself out as being in business. It is important that you abide by those rules.

Price Lists For Polish Pottery

Why price lists are not public information and how to get price lists for Polish Pottery.

About Shipping Small Amounts Of Product

It is important that you understand the costs of shipping small amounts of product directly from factories.

How Companies Price Their Products

When doing business it is important to understand the business culture of the company involved. This page discusses pricing.

Terms Of Payment

What is expected of you and how you pay when you order products from Polish factories.

International Money Transfer To Poland.

About and how to transfer money to Poland.

Shipping To Australia

In short, the shipping costs of sending products to Australia from Poland play heavily in the final price of the goods in Australia. Learn about those costs here.

How Much Inventory Do You Need?

When you are going to start a business, how much inventory must you order to get started? Read this for a way to calculate the amount.

Distribution Opportunities

What you can distribute and how to set up as a distributor.

How To Start A Business On A Shoestring.

This tutorial shows you how to start a business on a shoestring. The information in this business tutorial is free

How To Make A Full Time Living On eBay

Almost 800,000 people make a full time living on eBay. They do it by learning the eBay system, following some simple, proven marketing plans and providing good customer service.

In this page we will give you some general guidance and specific recommendations for further study of how savvy eBay marketers become power sellers and earn enough money on eBay to live as they wish.

The Advantages Of A Website Based on Wordpress.

Many small businesses will find that a complete website is best based on wordpress.

Wordpress is a blog. A blog is a form of website that can be modified and that can do many things for you.

Ways To Make Money On The Web

This report answers the question "Are There Any Real Internet Jobs?" and variants of it such as, "Is there a legitimate way to make money on the internet?", "Are there any internet jobs that are not scams?", and so on is one of the most often asked questions that come from people wanting to earn money on the internet.

How To Build Links

To make money on the internet, you have to diligently pursue link building. If you do not, you will lose to the competition. You are invited to download the Poland Chamber special report "Link Building Tips, Hints And Action Plan"

How To Order Crystal

Crystal companies price to specific requests for quotation. Crystal companies do not distribute price lists. They are not public information. The process is straightforward


Christmas Ornaments
christmas ornaments
Polish Christmas
Ornament Directory
Natural Amber And Jewelry
Polish Natural Baltic Amber is the world's premier amber and you can find it wholesale and retail under this picture of a designer amber and silver bracelet.
Baltic Amber
Wholesale Information
polish crystal
Factory Information
Natural Medicines
natural medicines
Experienced Based
Natural Medicines
Polish Pottery
You find complete information about Boleslawiec Polish pottery, how to buy pottery wholesale and how to sell it at a profit.
Buy Pottery
Factory Direct
Polish Salt Lamps
This picture takes you to a full library of information about salt lamps from Poland.
Salt Lamp
Import Export Resources
import export resources.
Import Export
Gazing Globes
Gazing Globes And Watering Balls.
Glass Globes
Selling On Ebay
ebay ideas
eBay Products And Support

Starting A Business

Drop Shipping Directory

Business Opportunities


Polish Product Information Center - The Polish product information service in a free public-service that allows people interested in purchasing Polish products and/or services to put their requests directly in front of Polish factories and service providers with the purpose of having a factory or service provider representative contact the inquiring person directly. Simply stated, it allows people to avoid the middleman.

How To Get Price Lists From A Factory - Gives basic information and then specific information about getting prices from specific factories.

How To Contact A Factory - Specific steps and procedures that you must follow to contact any factory to get wholesale prices.

How To Order Amber - Details and steps necessary to order amber and amber and silver jewelry.

Glass - There are two basic ways that decorative glass is made in Poland. The way it is made determines price and quality. The processes are hand formed and machine formed.

Outdoor Oil Lamps Floating Oil Lamps

Ceramic Lamps Oil Lamps

- Find Oil Lamps wholesale sources for high quality glass oil lamps and unique art glass oil lamps. The Oil lamps in this page are manufactured in Poland and are among the most creative and highest quality oil lamps in the world. There are many common oil lamps on the market but here you will find only those oil lamps chosen for quality. They are also listed here because they have shown that they are very popular among oil lamp buyers.

Decorative Candles

- These candles are representative of Polish candle design creativity. They sell very well. The sizes vary from small to huge.

About Polish Hand Carved Wooden Boxes

- Woodcarvers in the Polish Tatra Mountains make some of the most beautiful and unique wooden boxes in the world. The patterns, colors and designs of the wooden boxes are as varied as the number of carvers. But even though there is a great variety in the carving of the wooden boxes, the people are very proud of their carving traditions and they generally all do high quality work.

Polish Wooden Boxes

Poland is famous for its hand carved wooden boxes. They come in many colors shapes and sizes. They are the product of a cottage industry that tends to be located in the famous Tatra Mountains of Poland where the country folk have a tradition of wood carving and spend their time carving figures in boxes that they sell individually in the local tourist markets and to Polish folk art distributors who buy the boxes from the people and resell them to wholesalers.

About Wood Carved Figures

Polish Linen


Polish highways and byways needs video. video is in camtasia and ready to publish

A review of the book Polish Highways And Byways - a very helpful travel aid.

Poland road map needs videos and map costs

About road maps for Poland and how to get them. Included is a video review of recommended road maps.

Poland News

Where you can find English language news about Poland in text and video.

Value Added Tax

About Value Added Tax or VAT and what is a VAT Invoice.

Warsaw Centrum page is empty

travel is all screwed up

Road Atlas Poland

About road atlas for Poland and why you need one even if you only take a train.

Warsaw West Bus Station empty

About and how to safely use the Warsaw West Bus Station.

Poland Currency Exchange Rate

About Poland's currency, the current exchange rate and the exchange rates that you will see around the country.

map of wroclaw

map of gdansk

map of warsaw

map of posnan

map of krakow

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Certificates Of Authenticiy Identifying Amber Amber Catalogs Amber Succinic Acid Amber Wholesale Jewelry
Wholesale Amber Jewelry Aromatherapy Using Amber Aromatherapy Amber And Silver Jewelry Raw Amber Stones Amberbeads
Amber Buying Trip Amber Aroma Therapy Buy Amber Amber Powder Amber Cabochons Amber Sales Booth
How To Sell Amber Wholesale Buy Amber Jewelry Wholesale Reasonable Amber Prices Amber Jewelry Wholesale Amber Pendants Earrings Amber Oil
Raw Amber Baltic Amber Identify Natural Baltic Amber Fake Amber With Insects Amber Beads Amber Jewelry
Amber Road Start Amber Business Amber Real Fake Or Counterfeit Amber Resin Amber Prices Ionization
Amber Succinic Acid About Amber And Types Of Amber Wholesale Baby Teething Necklace Beads Amber Reviews