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Terms Of Payment

Generally, when you are purchasing goods from a factory, you can expect to have to make an advance payment prior to the goods being put to production.

When the goods are ready to go to shipping, you will be expected to pay the remaining amount due plus other fees and costs such as shipping.

The products will not ship until payment clears. If you make payment by bank transfer, bank confirmation that the money has been ordered transferred is generally enough proof of payment to start the shipping process.

The final shipping cost will not be known until the product is packed and the exact weight and volume is determined. So the amount you have to pay for shipping may vary from the estimate that you received prior to your order.

Orders from some countries may require full payment in advance.

Of course, these terms are not cast in stone and special arrangements are often made for large, proven buyers and regular buyers.

Payment is normally expected to be made by bank transfer. Some companies make payment via Travelex and that is acceptable to most suppliers. See Money Transfer To Poland

PayPal may be accepted for small orders. That requires, of course, that the factory have its own PayPal account. That is not always the case.

Credit cards are not accepted. Money orders are not accepted.

Letters of credit are not accepted by most factories. They take too much time and they are too much trouble to collect on.

You may choose to arrange your own shipping or to have your own vehicle visit the factory and make the pickup. Before you do this, check with the factory. They have experience with their goods and they know shippers, good and bad. You may save time and money by working with them on this.