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Top Money Making Businesses

drop shipping

This page discusses to money making businesses that are not only top choices among professional marketers but also are within the reach of most anyone who wants to make money on the web.

But first a note. There are two parts to a business. Sales and order fulfillment. Or in other words, you first have to get your business in front of customers and sell them your product. Once you sell it, you have to deliver it.

Drop shipping is not a business. It is a way to get the product delivered. See The DropShip Guide.

This page discusses what many people fail to do - first sell something so that it can be drop shipped. In fact some of the businesses below use drop shipping for order fulfillment. Everything about order fulfillment and drop shipping is explained at The DropShip Guide.



Adsense Blog

This is one of the simplest ways to make money online. It is a favorite of web marketers. It is fast and easy to set up. And it is done on the cheap. They use it to set up multiple streams of income. Some have hundreds.

You start with just a web host. Then for each income stream your investment is about $10. You use the free wordpress system provided by the web host. In a couple clicks of your mouse your wordpress site is set up.

Then you just add you adsense account information and content. To get good search engine position, write a few posts to be submitted to selected article directories.

Marketers use it because they know they only need to pay for one web host and each new income stream costs less than $10.

And they know the benefits of having multiple income streams.


Product Blog

Use this for sending more visitors to your eBay listings, to drop ship, to send more visitors to your web site, and to make money selling your own products.

Use one to sell everything from Polish pottery, to Christmas ornaments, electronics, plumbing supplies, meat and you name it. If you can think of a product, this is the way to sell it. And a cheap way to do it.

Setting this up is similar to setting up an adsense blog. All you need is a web host and you go through the same routine of setting up your blog. But now the content you add is related to your product.

If you have a business or eBay store, make a Product Blog for each product. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get to the top of the search engine when you approach selling your products this way. Google just loves blogs. They pop you to the top.

And by the way, you do not have to post often. Just a short post once every couple weeks or so to freshen it in Google. So don't let the idea of blog scare you away.


eBay Classifieds

These are used by people who understand how to use eBay. They use them for direct sales, email marketing, and for cheap advertising.

If you have a business now, eBay Classifieds can make you money.

They are very inexpensive and very easy to use.

There are many people who make a full time living just off the eBay classifieds.


Information Sales

You can sell information for other people, sell your own and have people sell yours for you.

People buy information. Books, how to, tutorials, ideas and so on.

This is huge business.

It is easy to set up, you can automate sales and delivery and you have no inventory cost.

You can sell through the information distribution networks, an adsense or product blog or your current web site.

If you are selling now, even on eBay, you can make money selling information. And many people make big money doing it.



Probably the biggest home business venture. And if you do not do it right, it will eat you alive with fees.

The key to making money with eBay is selling on eBay to avoid eBay fees. And that is done by recognizing that eBay is the beginning of a sales funnel.

You organize your eBay marketing plan to include a sales funnel into which you draw customers who will by your products directly from you and not through eBay.

In other words you use eBay to build a following of customers who will buy from you many times.

Plus you use techniques to make money selling products other people list on eBay. You let them pay the fees and you make part of the profits.

Do not miss the eBAy opportunity. If you do it right and use it to build a sales funnel, there is a fortune to be made there.

But do it right. Avoid the eBay fees as much as you can.



Money Making Business Step By Step Setup

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